5 Sight Seeing Do’s and Don’ts for Traveling in Jordan

The Do and Don't list is something that I have always enjoyed watching on travel specials and am throwing my hand into the style with this feature.

While some of these features are often in the style of “you must do this” and “you might as well miss that,” this version will be formatted in a different way and in no way tell you not to do something major, as my misfortune might be someone else's highlight.

Instead, the “Do” will feature a specific place or thing to do in the destination that is a great site and/or experience, and the “Don't” will spotlight things to keep in mind during that activity that is not well known and publicized when planning the trip.

For all posts in this feature, check out the Do and Dont link in the category list on the side bar in the future for countries, cities, and regions!  Now, onward to 5 Dos and Donts when traveling in Jordan!

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23 Delicious Cincinnati Breweries to Grab a Pint of Beer

When we were living in southwest Ohio, the concept of a craft brewery was almost foreign to us.

Much like many cities around the country, the craft beer boom was a recent development only within the last decade or so. As far as Cincinnati breweries are concerned, this is no different.

As we are frequent visitors to the region to see family and friends, we have decided to make it our mission to hit up all of the best breweries in Cincinnati. Every time we visit we plan on adding more to this guide, and we won't stop until we've hit them all!

So, if you are looking for a great spot to grab a pint of beer, the following are for you.

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8 Harrisburg Restaurants and Breweries to Try When Visiting

There are a number of breweries and restaurants in Harrisburg, and during our recent visit we made it our mission to visit several of the best.

In this one we share some of the spots you should check out in the capital of Pennsylvania, and since we plan on visiting this one fairly regularly, we'll be updating with more options soon!

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