The F.A.Q. About Driving the Iceland Ring Road

One thing we always see a lot of after visiting an up-and-coming destination is a lot of questions from our friends, family, and readers.

Ignoring the negative, “why on Earth would you want to go there?” type questions, more often than not we end up having a lot of great conversations about why a specific destination will be a must see destination in the very near future (if it isn't already).

This was definitely true of our recent Iceland road trip, and after having many questions come up time and time again, this F.A.Q. guide to Iceland was born!

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Why You Should Detour to Borgarfjordur Eystri in Iceland

When it comes to touring Iceland, if you are going to explore outside of the capital city of Reykjavik, you'll inevitably find yourself on the famous Iceland Ring Road. This iconic road, also aptly named Route 1, is the only road that circles the entire country. As such, if you venture out beyond a simple day trip, you will likely be committed to driving the whole way round on a multi-day adventure (one that we cannot recommend enough).

It would be entirely possible for a visitor to do a full Iceland road trip in just about five days if you really push it, but you would miss out on the many incredible detours to the coastal towns and fjords that make Iceland the amazing country that it is.

It doesn't take many detours to make your trip longer, and by just adding only on three or four you'll end up with a nine day loop around the country like we did. If you decided to add on even more exploration of the back roads, western fjords, or even the highlands with a four wheel drive monster vehicle, you could be in Iceland for over a month without seeing it all.

But what do you do if you don't have a lot of time? What if you only had time to make one major detour from the Ring Road- where would that be?

Well, if we had to make our pick, it would be detouring to the fjord towns of Seydisfjordur and Borgarfjordur Eystri in the north east corner of the country.

This one was our favorite day in Iceland.

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When Can We Get a Real Spanish Tapas Bar in the USA?

We were spoiled when we went on a vacation in Spain for our honeymoon.

There is no easier way to say it than that. 

From the world-class cuisine, amazing Spanish tapas bars, free-flowing wine, all the way to the famous ham that we ate with every single meal, Spain satisfied our appetites with every bite. 

After returning home we tried to find a great restaurant that embodied all of the wonderful meals we had while in Spain.  In particular, was our quest to find a great tapas bar with the small plates of food that we had just about every day in the country. 

But as it turns out, tapas bars in the style we fell in love with are hard to come by, and our search has gone on unfulfilled for the last year.

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When Generating Newsletter Ideas, Consider Increasing Frequency

When it comes to running my blog, I'm normally the first person to ignore conventional wisdom- which at times can be a good thing or a bad thing. No matter the results, the reasons behind my choices are always pretty simple.

  • First, most of the time what the majority believes is a “best practice” is flat out wrong and, even worse, is based on no data whatsoever. As an engineer I hate that even if the tips are true in a roundabout way.
  • Second, hardly anything is repeatable, making even the most encouraging tip worthless as it is often only valuable to the person who wrote it (and like in the above point, may not be the exact reason they got to their result in the first place).

It is because of these reasons that I'm all for going against traditional wisdom to try something to help out my blogs- especially if I can get repeatable results out of it for others to benefit from!

Why is this preface important? Enter our newsletter- one of the biggest features of our sites we now go against all conventional wisdom on.

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