Don’t Start a Travel Blog, Start a City Blog

Downtown Pittsburgh

Over the years we have worked on many projects in the travel world to try and get our name out there and earn a living from our work.   Out of all of the projects we've worked on, this site- a global travel blog focused on long-term travel, and our newest site Discover the Burgh– a local blog for the city of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, have grown the most.

The interesting thing about these two blogs is not their differences in how we run them.  To be honest, we run them almost entirely on the same business model.  What makes them unique is that the potential for growing and earning revenue on our local blog far eclipses anything we've been able to achieve with our global site.

As such, we wanted to share some of our thoughts today as to why that is, and what you need to consider when launching a local blog of your own to try and get into this (relatively) untapped marketplace.

Let others chase down the global marketplace all they want- city blogging is the next big thing.

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Finger Lakes Attractions – The Best Museums in the Region

When visiting an area with such natural beauty like the Finger Lakes, you might not think about spending time indoor at museums- especially with the area's reputation as a grape-growing region with tons of wineries.

But as we found out during our recent visit, you can only drink so much wine, and sometimes the weather just doesn't cooperate.

We ended up spending a good amount of time in several of the region's museums, and what we found was that these museums are much more than just places to fill the time: they are attractions in their own right.

These four museums run the gamut from quirky to unique to world-class, and we highly recommend setting aside time to check them out when you visit the Finger Lakes.

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The Best Easter Island Hotels for All Budgets and Styles

Ahu Tongariki on Easter Island

If there was one thing about exploring Rapa Nui that surprised us the most, it would be that there was an incredible range of accommodation options available for visitors.

For an island so remote, we thought we'd be paying an arm and a leg to stay there, and as it turns out there are options available for everyone- from the most frugal budget traveler to those wanting all the bells and whistles (except for good internet- that one is impossible on the island, unfortunately).

As this information is often lacking in most reviews of visits to the island, and may be the deciding factor on whether or not you visit (you should), we wanted to publish this guide to Easter Island hotels so you know just what you are looking at when planning a visit to this incredible spot in the middle of nowhere.

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San Pedro de Atacama Tours – Sand Boarding at Night

I arrived in San Pedro de Atacama, Chile with a sense of coming home. It was warm, there were cacti, and it smelled like the desert. Essentially it felt like home.

After stashing my bags and taking my first shower in three days, I set off to see what activities could be had in the area. The consensus seemed to me more lakes, more geysers, and sandboarding. While the lakes in South America are beautiful, I've had my fill of staring at bodies of water that inevitably all end up looking the same.

The geysers involved getting up around three in the morning.

Sandboarding it was.

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