What is the Food on the Everest Base Camp Trek?

As we were preparing for our recent trek to Mt Everest Base Camp, I was immensely curious as to what kind of food we would be eating for 12 days.

Given that practically every resource needed in the villages along the trekking route has to be carried in on the backs of an insanely strong Nepali or on a yak, I was expecting bland and inedible mush.

While the food on Everest base camp trek was obviously no five-star dining experience, it was much more satisfying and tasty than we could have ever expected. So, what should you eat and what should you avoid in the tea houses on the Everest Base Camp trek? 

The following are our must haves and least favorites.

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Wahiba Sands – An Overnight Dune Bashing Adventure in Oman

Truck Tracks in the Sand in the Wahiba Desert, OmanAs the desert accounts for roughly 82% of the land mass of Oman, you would be, quite literally, missing a large part of the country by skipping a trip out into it.

Our trek into the desert was only a one night stay at a camp located about 30 kilometers inside the Wahiba Sands region of the country, and turned out to be the highlight of our stay in Oman.

The following photo essay is a selection of our best photos from the 400+ we took during our overnight stay in this stunning destination.

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Hilton Dubai Jumeirah Residences Review – A Suite Upgrade

Room at Hilton Dubai Jumeirah ResidencesIn our first Hilton points redemption on our 1.5 year long trip, we used two weekend certificates and 40,000 points for a three-night stay at the Hilton Imperial Dubrovnik worth about $1,750.

For our second rewards stay, we wanted to go big, and one destination was on our minds: Dubai.

In a city where you can spend as much as your credit allows, we knew that Hilton had some pretty amazing properties we could choose from.  The two leaders were the Hilton Jumeirah Resort, a 9-floor property near the famous Jumeirah Palms island with its own private beach, and the Hilton Jumeirah Residences, a 44-floor apartment style property located right behind the resort with access to the same amenities (and our preferred choice).

But for this particular redemption, booking into the property we wanted gave us an important lesson in how to redeem our points in the future.

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6 Perfect Meals in Europe You Must Try When Visiting

Now that our time in Europe on our RTW adventure is coming to a close, we’ve been doing a lot of reflecting. And since I love food, I tend to reflect on that aspect of our time in Europe a lot.

We’ve had a few truly terrible meals, lots of mediocre meals, and a handful of simply spectacular drool-worthy meals in the last 150 days. Many of the best meals were not fancy; in fact, most of them involved in-season, fresh, high quality ingredients that were allowed to shine through because of the simplicity of the dishes. Of course, when we think about our favorite meals, the atmosphere also comes into play.

Things like sunsets, cool buildings, or unique cultural experiences were present in most of our favorite meals, although the atmosphere alone certainly doesn’t always make for a great meal. When it comes down to it, only a few meals can be called “the best,” and the following six were what we'd consider perfect meals in Europe.

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