F.A.Q. About The Trek to Everest Base Camp You Need to Know

During our research for the trek to Everest Base Camp in Nepal, we had a hard time finding answers to questions we thought were of absolute importance. 

Questions like “how do you buy used gear and sell it later?” and “what are the rooms like?” were met with very few responses that did not help us in the slightest.

So rather than putting together comprehensive guides for the trek like our friends at The Planet D and Escape Artistes did, as we highly recommend them, we're looking to the more obscure.

This F.A.Q. article has been designed to answer the questions that you may not find good answers for elsewhere (because we did not in many of our searches before the trek). 

Some of the questions included are a bit more common, too, but are important enough or asked enough that we felt we had to share our input as well.

It is also worth noting that our trek was done in the end of November when the temperatures were dropping but not incredibly cold (the coldest night was -20C, but always warm-to-hot during the day). 

Likewise, some of these questions may be seasonal, and we can only offer our input keeping this in mind.

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What is the Food on the Everest Base Camp Trek?

As we were preparing for our recent trek to Mt Everest Base Camp, I was immensely curious as to what kind of food we would be eating for 12 days.

Given that practically every resource needed in the villages along the trekking route has to be carried in on the backs of an insanely strong Nepali or on a yak, I was expecting bland and inedible mush.

While the food on Everest base camp trek was obviously no five-star dining experience, it was much more satisfying and tasty than we could have ever expected. So, what should you eat and what should you avoid in the tea houses on the Everest Base Camp trek? 

The following are our must haves and least favorites.

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Everest Base Camp Photos – The Faces After Each Day of Hiking

Monkey Temple in Nepal

Everest Base Camp Photos in NepalThe trek to Everest Base Camp is often described as an incredibly rough experience, but is universally considered to be a highlight of any stay in Nepal.  As backward as this may be, it is 100% truthful.

We cannot argue with the fact that the trek to Everest Base Camp is a strenuous one, although we did not have as many difficulties as other travelers we met along the way.  Even though we made our slow-and-steady ascent over 8-days to the camp, plus 3 more on the way down, the trek still took its toll on us.

With only one shower during the whole stay (me on day 10), the visual changes to our bodies at the end of each hiking day were on display for all other trekkers to see.

Of course, being travel writers we couldn't help but capture these each day to share what a trek to Everest Base Camp is truly like for the hiker, especially a pair of hikers who have never trekked before.

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Wahiba Sands – An Overnight Dune Bashing Adventure in Oman

Truck Tracks in the Sand in the Wahiba Desert, OmanAs the desert accounts for roughly 82% of the land mass of Oman, you would be, quite literally, missing a large part of the country by skipping a trip out into it.

Our trek into the desert was only a one night stay at a camp located about 30 kilometers inside the Wahiba Sands region of the country, and turned out to be the highlight of our stay in Oman.

The following photo essay is a selection of our best photos from the 400+ we took during our overnight stay in this stunning destination.

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