Tips for Making Your Ryanair Flight an Enjoyable Experience

If you've ever traveled in Europe, odds are good you know about the notoriety of Ryanair flights. 

This UK-based airline is prolific in its advertising absurdly cheap deals, with Ryanair sale promotions often featuring flights for under 10 Euro. Yes, you read that right- 10 Euro.

But where it seems like a wonderful deal to purchase Ryanair tickets, there is one thing to keep in mind- the advertised price is likely not the final price you'll ultimately pay. This leads to disappointment and a lot of the negative reviews we have seen online.

But after flying Ryanair in Italy from Catania to Rome, I have to say, with a little bit of advanced planning you can make the flight a moderately enjoyable experience. Or, to put it another way, my Ryanair flight wasn't bad.

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Tips for Driving in Sicily by Car – It Isn’t As Bad As It Seems

My first time with a car in Italy was driving in Tuscany. If you hadn't read that article (at the previous link), the quick explanation is that it left a bad taste in my mouth with how difficult it was- especially around Florence.

So when I returned to Italy, it was with a bit of reluctance that I opted to see the island of Sicily by car.

After driving in Sicily for five days, and hitting virtually every corner of the island, I look back on it and realize it wasn't that bad at all!

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11 Great Spots to Hit on Your Italy Road Trip

The following is a guest post from Travel Kiwis.

I guess you are getting excited and maybe a little nervous too.

You know this year you are finally going to tick off, your bucket list dream of visiting Italy.

You can’t wait. You’re nervous. You want everything to be perfect, just like in the movies.

But you have a dilemma, where do I start, what is the best city or town to see in Italy, where can I have the ultimate Italian food experience?

I know, I know it can be overwhelming.

Whether it’s the language, the people or the food, spending time in Italy invokes a passion for experiencing the best of everything Italian.

And one of the most rewarding ways to see this fabulous country is to experience an Italy road trip.

To help you get started, we have picked some great spots for you to see as you explore one of Europe’s top travel destination, Italy.

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Take Walks Review – What All Walking Tours Should Be

During our several explorations of Italy, we were fortunate enough to take many walking tours as guests of Walks of Italy (now Take Walks)- one of the country's premier tour companies.

To date, we have taken six tours, in three regions/cities, featuring an array of topics from the historical, to culinary, and even a bit religious at the Vatican Museums.

In the end, we walked away with a fond appreciation for all things Italy (far more than I had from my first trip to the country), and over the years have realized that Take Walks puts out what we believe are the best walking tours we've ever experienced.

In this Take Walks review (formerly Walks of Italy), we wanted to highlight our favorite aspects of each of the tours we took to give you a better insight as to why we think that!

Disclaimer: We were given complimentary tours with Take Walks when traveling around the country.

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