10 Adventures You Can’t Miss While Traveling in Ecuador

When people think of Ecuador, they automatically think: Swing at the End of the World! Which is great because it is named one of the must-do activities before you die and is in most people’s travel bucket list. But, did you know Ecuador is also full of adventure activities that is sure to give you that heart pumping adrenaline rush? Well it is!

Here are the 10 big adventures you simply can’t miss while traveling to Ecuador:

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White Water Rafting in Ecuador – A Rush in the Jungle

This April, Karen and I joined a 7 day multisport tour in Ecuador. On day 5 of our 7 day multisport adventure tour, we were scheduled to paddle the wild waves of the Jatunyacu River- a river that intersects with the mighty Amazon.

As a non-swimmer, and someone who is terrified of water, Karen has been dreading this day and was determined she was going to opt out. I was worried as well, because I have never gone white water rafting before, and wasn’t sure what to expect if I get thrown off the boat by accident. But, in never being one to say no, I jumped on to the experience.

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Things to Do in Banos, Ecuador – Paragliding

Paragliding in Ecuador

I always sort of panic when people start giving me instructions for tandem extreme activities. When I first went skydiving a few years ago, I remember wondering wildly if I missed a step would we crash to the ground, life flashing by my eyes?

As the paragliding instructor in Banos, Ecuador, drilled into me a bunch of instructions, I had similar thoughts. Wasn't I paying a professional here to do it for me, thus negating the likelihood of plummeting to my death?

I struggled to pay attention to the seemingly endless number of steps. Run forward, run backward, run forward. Put your arms this way, then that way.

No, never that way.

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