10 Adventures You Can’t Miss While Traveling in Ecuador

When people think of Ecuador, they automatically think: Swing at the End of the World! Which is great because it is named one of the must-do activities before you die and is in most people’s travel bucket list. But, did you know Ecuador is also full of adventure activities that is sure to give you that heart pumping adrenaline rush? Well it is!

Here are the 10 big adventures you simply can’t miss while traveling to Ecuador:

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Republica del Cacao Chocolate Tasting – An Ecuadorian Treat

A Chocolate Tasting fit for a King

For those who know me, you should know that I love chocolate.

My addiction has little to no limits and when I visit a country known for its chocolate, I'll go all out. In knowing this, it should be no surprise that our recent trip to Ecuador ended up with us trying over 20 chocolate bars during our exploration of the country.

After trying some of the country's best, we also purchased another 50 to send home for later consumption.

Out of all of the brands that we tried, there was one that we knew we were not giving a fair shake: Republica del Cacao. We could only try a few bars from this particular company as, by Ecuadorian standards (and even some American standards for premium chocolate), they are a bit pricey at upwards of $6 per bar.

Well, it turns out that Republica del Cacao read our review, and asked if we would be interested in trying some more bars to give their chocolate a second chance. Being a chocolate addict, it was hard to say no.

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3 Unique Snack Foods to Try in Quito, Ecuador

Snacking is one my favorite ways to eat, especially when traveling.

You get to try a bunch of different dishes and don't have to take a chance on a massive plate of anything in particular.

On our recent stay in Quito, Ecuador, we took a snacking oriented food trip with Viator where we sampled traditional baked goods, sweets, and other small plates, and got an insider's look on how these snacks are made.

The following 3 snacks made it onto our list of most unique and most delicious foods to try in Quito!

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