Is Peru Safe? A Different Kind of Perspective on This Popular Country

Alpaca Does Not Approve

Prior to having our backpack stolen in Peru, we thought the country would be one of the more tourist friendly and safest in the region.

This opinion came to be because, as travelers, we're constantly bombarded with the fact that so many destinations around the world are considered “unsafe.”  Nearby countries like Bolivia, Ecuador, Venezuela, and Colombia all have this connotation blasted regularly, and not a day goes by where you hear warnings to travelers in the region.  Ask any random person why they wouldn't want to visit, and odds are good the first thing they're going to say is “it isn't safe” regardless of if they know why or not.

Peru, on the other hand, is relatively quiet in this respect and seemingly gives the perception as being a destination safe for all visitors.  With ad campaigns blasting left and right, the tourist board and other agencies do a very good job at making Peru the must visit destination in South America.  Where so much negativity comes out from other nearby countries, Peru seems to be that shining beacon calling visitors from far away to enjoy a safe and wonderful holiday in an otherwise lesser-traveled region of the world.

Sadly, this projection is simply not true.

Peru is no better than the rest in terms of safety for both locals and visitors alike, and this disconnect is very troubling to us.

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How to Get an Emergency Passport While Abroad

If you found this article via a search engine, then you probably lost your passport or, if you are like us, had your passport stolen.  Since no one can go back in time fix it, there is only one thing to do and that is head to an Embassy and get a new one.

But what if you cannot wait the 10-15(+) business days for a full replacement passport to arrive?  Well, the emergency passport is your answer.

Since there is hardly any information published online about getting an emergency passport, what they are, and how they work, we are publishing our experience to help those who may find themselves in a similar situation.

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After 62 Countries, We Were Robbed While Traveling

As most long-term travelers and nomads will say, it is only a matter of time before you are a victim of theft while traveling.  No matter how skilled you are at keeping your gear safe and how cautious you are about protecting your valuables, one day someone will get the better of you.

After 550+ days of travel since 2008, being gone for almost a whole year on this trip, and visiting hundreds of cities in 62 countries, our day finally happened in Puno, Peru.

And we nearly lost everything.

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