Tips and Advice for Driving in Belgium and Luxembourg

When we decided to go to Belgium and Luxembourg on vacation, we knew we would rent a car. Part of this was because we wanted to visit many Belgian breweries and buy beer at Westvleteren. The other part was that reaching Luxembourg City without a car looked like a headache due to transfers.

Ultimately, we really loved having a car to drive around these two countries, and after our experience driving around Brussels, Ghent, rural Belgium, rural Luxembourg, and Luxembourg city, we have some tips to share!

Don't worry, driving in Belgium and Luxembourg is nothing like our experience driving in Tuscany!

  • Note: Historically we would include photos of our vehicle and notable driving concerns in articles like these. However, as it was incredibly easy to drive in these countries we found ourselves without any good photos to share for illustration purposes. Instead, we are featuring some fun photos of what we saw in Belgium and Luxembourg in this one. 

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