Is Budapest One of the Best Cities in Europe? We Think So!

Within moments of our arrival to Budapest, Angie and I were overwhelmed with a feeling of familiarity. The city felt like we were returning to an old favorite, one we had explored countless times in the past. 

But this was not the case; not only was it our first time visiting the city, but it was also our first time in the country of Hungary as well.

When reflecting on it, we knew the reason for this familiarity, and it was due to the fact that Budapest felt a lot like home

It is this feeling that makes us think a city is truly great, and Budapest hits on all five of the major points we look for when saying it is among the best cities in europe.

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Buda and Pest – A Tale of Two Cities in Hungary

The capital city of Hungary is known to be one of the world's most beautiful cities. Cut in half with the Danube, the river takes a striking place in the make up of the city as well as being one of the natural highlights for visitors. 

Prior to the formation of the city now known as Budapest, the cities were actually separated by the river into their comparably and aptly named parts: Buda and Pest.

The segments of the city are not just separated by the river, but make up unique features in the city of Budapest based on the history from long ago. 

If Buda could be described as having sites relating back to years past, Pest would symbolize all things present and future in being the home of Hungary's Parliament and modern government. Those wanting to stay longer by renting one of the many apartments in Budapest might want to keep the following sights in mind when deciding on which half of the city to stay in during an extended stay.

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