Hilton Reviews – Recapping Our Hotel Stays With the Brand

We're no strangers to staying in nice hotels when we travel, and more often than not when we need a really luxurious hotel stay we find ourselves checking out the Hilton hotel property chain as Angie amasses close to 1,000,000 points a year on the hotel chain for her day job travels (not to mention, that highly coveted Diamond status).

In this one, we wanted to compile a database of the Hilton reviews we've published over the years, and give a quick snapshot of each property we've stayed in to-date. Suffice it to say, we've stayed in a few gems (and a few misses, too). 

We will also be sharing status perks we received at each of the Hilton hotels as well as part of our gold and/or diamond status (depending on visit dates). Some of these may be as simple as a room upgrade or a free cocktail, others are a bit more unusual like spa access, free bikes or water sports, special breakfasts, and more. It is worth noting that perks often change and are only a reflection of the things we received during our visit.

Disclosure: We are not partners with Hilton in any capacity. We have paid for every hotel featured in this guide on points or weekend certificates received from credit cards (although we do pay for all of our meals and incidentals). We received Gold status through a credit card and later Diamond status through Angie's work travels to more conventional properties- those hotels are not featured herein.

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KEEN Footwear – Perfect for The Multi-Purpose Packing List

When I spent five months in Asia in late-2010 there was one set of items in my packing list that went through more torture than any other.  Not my shirts, pants, or even my expensive and fragile electronics. 

The items in my packing list that went through the most torment were simply my walking shoes and flip flops. 

From long hikes in the mud, the flip flops being stolen by a dog on a beach in Thailand, to an immeasurable number of puddles and miles walked, my shoes were really put to the test. What else goes through such wear and tear when walking more than a thousand miles over the course five months? Nothing we know of.

So when we began putting together our packing list for our upcoming 14-18 month trip around the world we knew that having the right pair of shoes was going to be the most crucial decision we would make.  After all, if I walked over a thousand miles on a five month trip, an adventure three times as long is going to provide three times more wear and tear to whatever goes on our feet.

Obviously, we didn't take our shoe choice lightly and ended up with KEEN Footwear!

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10 Ways to Hack Your Honeymoon Fund

The following is a guest post by World Wide Honeymoon.

If you’re engaged, congrats! It’s truly an amazing and special time.

It also is the time to start planning a wedding and a honeymoon. And, with that, you’ll start realizing just how expensive it can be. We get it, as we were in the same position a year ago, trying to find ways to save money as well.

Today, we’re sharing how to hack your honeymoon fund to have an amazing honeymoon after that romantic wedding.

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United Premium Plus – Is The New Seating Area Worth It?

On our flights home from Uganda in February 2019, we were fortunate enough to be seated in a new class aboard United flights. Aptly named United Premium Plus, the seats are somewhere in-between normal economy and long-haul business class.

But are they worth it? We have some thoughts.

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