Taking a Trip to Piz Gloria on the Schilthorn for Bond World 007

While exploring Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland we came across an interesting sign.  Not one for a truly Swiss experience like an alphorn concert or cheese making class, but one dedicated to the world of movies. 

It simply said “Bond World 007 – Grand Public Opening June 29th.”  We looked at our watches and realized that it was, in fact, June 29th.

One glance at each other and we knew, fate was calling.

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Visit CERN – Geneva’s Best Kept Secret Tour for Science Fans

It is not often that our college education and travel meet on common ground, but when they do there is always an interesting outcome.  You see, Angie and I are nerds.  Engineers to be precise.  We're big fans of science, raw data, and craving the unattainable at the same time.  We travel to find the unknown and use our engineering skill sets when we plan, often a bit too much.

But sometimes our travels bring us back to science, and our recent visit to CERN in Geneva, Switzerland did just that.  As soon as we learned of the free tours offered at the research facility, we knew it would be the top spot for us to visit in the city and we reserved our spot.

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Exploring the Iconic Bordeaux Wine Region without a Car

Exploring the vineyards of Bordeaux wine regionWhen you think of Bordeaux, you may think of a city that is overflowing with wine.  A place where you can walk down any street corner, find a vineyard's storefront, and have a chance to try as many different varieties as you would like. 

We did.

It is a common thought for such a famous wine city to boast its creations everywhere you see.  In many cases this is true.  But if you're visiting Bordeaux, do not expect that.  To truly understand the region's love of wine you need to get out of the city.

If you don't, you won't be seeing much of anything.

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Confessions of a Cirque du Soleil Addict

My name is Jeremy, and I am a Cirque du Soleil addict.

You've probably heard of Cirque du Soleil.  Maybe even have seen one or two.  But I have a confession to make to everyone here today – I am an addict.

People ask me all the time what it is about Cirque du Soleil that gets me so excited, but I really have a hard time pinpointing it.  For those who are new to the show style, I like to describe it as being loosely inspired by common circus acts, but amplified with the extreme nature of the X-Games.  

A simple tight rope act is taken to the extreme when the participants start to jump rope while balancing on a single line. 

A juggling act goes crazy when the performer begins throwing cowboy hats over the stage in boomerang style. 

A simple trampoline act gets the crowd going when they use existing set designs like a playground, jumping in and out of tiny holes with well timed precision. 

A loose theme ties them all together for a rough story, but you do not see a Cirque du Soleil show for the “plot”, it is entirely for these boundary pushing acts.

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