7 Breweries in Erie to Check Out Along the Ale Trail

When visiting cities around the USA, one of my goals is to visit as many of the local craft breweries as possible. From checking out the Pittsburgh breweries at home to breweries in Cleveland, Cincinnati, and others, I really like to get out there and sample new brews.

So naturally hitting up the breweries in Erie along the aptly named Erie Ale Trail was on my agenda when exploring the region. In this one, I wanted to share some of the spots I hit up along the way.

The surprise? Virtually every brewery I visited had some fantastic brews. This is a great ale trail!

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Omio Review – The Best Way to Book Europe Train Tickets

One of my least favorite things about traveling in Europe is booking European train tickets.

The reason for this is simple. If you are looking for cheap train tickets in Europe, this means going to any country's unique rail service website, fighting with their archaic booking system, and crossing your fingers hoping an order went through.

Even booking a Europe Rail Pass likely involves an element of making a reservation on individual trains (especially on popular routes), which winds up at the same problem as above.

This is why I've reverted to using 3rd parties for my Europe train booking needs from now on, and the one I've found myself gravitating towards almost exclusively is Omio (formerly Go Euro).

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Book a Train Ticket in Europe with Omio!

Traveling around Europe by train? Book your ticket with Omio to get your trip locked in today!

Omio is one of the leading train booking services out there and can get your tickets booked fast, cheap, and get you out exploring right away!

Train Tickets in Europe
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User Generated Content is Laziness at Best and Theft at Worse

Boulders Beach, South Africa

The topic of User Generated Content is a hot one these days, and many marketers and branding specialists are hailing it as a must for brands looking to put out a digital product.

Unfortunately, we think User Generated Content is a bit of a sham- one that benefits the website owner only and does nothing to actually help the individual responsible for the content creation in the first place (which would be people like us).

So if you're thinking of building a brand on this style of posting, well, you've got another thing coming.

Note: All images in this article are my own. Instagram embeds are horrible beyond the reasons outlined in this article- don't use them. I am only embedding from my sites for example purposes.

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A Blogger’s Perspective into Blog Advertising and Sponsorship Values

Are you a PR representative or represent a brand in their marketing efforts and are looking to work with bloggers, social media influencers, or other non-traditional media and don't know where to begin? We're here to help!

We will be the first to admit that this field is quite murky as everyone looks at blog sponsorships and advertising differently. But as not all advertising is created equal, and to help you know what you're getting into, this guide was born.

So depending on what you're thinking of for your next campaign, the following outlines many things you need to consider!

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