How to Visit the Seychelles Without Spending a Lot Of Money

“Is it possible to visit the Seychelles without spending a lot of money?”

This island nation is widely considered to be one of the most expensive travel destinations in the world, and we got this question a lot when we said we were going for a two week vacation.

In fact, most of the time it was followed up with “how can you afford that?!” (The answer? Points; but we'll get into that later.)

As we do in all posts in this series, to answer this question in a single statement, we have to say that on the surface, no, it is not possible to visit the Seychelles cheaply (which we would define as under $100 a day for a couple).

But if you plan your trip right, and choose your accommodations and dining options selectively, you can get your costs down to $150 to $200 per day for a couple before airfare. 

Still not a trivial amount, but a lot better than the alternatives.

For those who have a slightly higher budget, there are still many ways to get to this remote and mysterious destination without breaking the bank too much, and today we're going to get into how to do just that!

All prices in this article are based off our trip to the Seychelles in early 2018, and the exchange rate we received was approximately 13.5 rupees to one dollar.

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How We Got a $13,000 Seychelles Vacation for Just $3,138

The Seychelles has a reputation for being one of the most expensive destinations in the world, and is one that is rightfully earned.

While you can visit the Seychelles without spending a lot of money, even if the most frugal of cases a couple will still have to have a rather modest budget of upwards of $5,000 for two weeks (including airfare).

We went for the more opulent route for our trip and went on a 12-day Seychelles vacation that cost just under $13,000. 

But we didn't pay $13,000. Our out of pocket costs for this paradise vacation was just $3,138.

So, how'd we do it? Points!

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The Alamo Mission in San Antonio May Be Best Enjoyed Outside

The history of the Alamo Mission in San Antonio is one of the pivotal points of American history, especially in Texas. 

We all know the story. 

In early 1836 Mexican troops launched a siege on the Alamo mission in what is now modern-day San Antonio. All Texas troops were killed during the assault, but the defeat rallied the rest of the region into ultimately defeating the Mexican troops just over a month later. 

What remains of the site today is one of the most visited sites in all of Texas, with the ruins of the Alamo being quite preserved in the last 177 years. 

Of course, when I found out I was going to San Antonio, I knew that visiting this site would be at the top of my list. But after I decided to visit the Alamo, I realized that going was almost a waste of my time.

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4 of the Best Travel Rewards Credit Cards Currently in Our Wallets

When we tell people we travel the world for free (well, mostly for free), they often look at is with a bit of incredulity.

Those who know us instantly assume it is because of this travel blog and that we bounce around from press trip to press trip. But we often shock them when we say that is not our scene and we go on few, if any, hosted trips. In fact, when we travel we don't even pitch brands to work with.

It is something that we never enjoyed doing, so we don't do it.

Our travels are instead primarily paid through points which we acquire in a mix of Angie's travels for her day job and travel rewards credit cards.

In the past we've published a detailed travel hacking guide to how we've acquire nearly a million points in any given year (link above- highly recommended to read in tandem with this article). But today we want to dive down deep into the cards that we have in order to make this happen.

All cards featured herein are cards we personally have in our wallets right now (both of us in most cases-  double the rewards!), and we will do our best to update this guide as we open or close cards in the future.

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