G Adventures Review – Two Tours with Vastly Different Outcomes

In the past, we had published an article about a negative experience we had with G Adventures on this site. It was a fine article as it was, but over the years we realized we may be doing you a disservice by only presenting one experience we've had with the company.

The truth of the matter is that we have, in fact, traveled with G Adventures on two separate trips over the years- once to Egypt and Jordan in 2009 (which I did solo) and once on an African safari in 2014 (that we did together). The Middle East trip was what I would consider to be the perfect tour, and the Africa safari, well, wasn't.

We opted to only convey the latter viewpoint in its own article, which ended up becoming quite popular, and we have since decided to expand the piece to include a summary of both trips.

The reason for this is that while we did not have an enjoyable time on our Africa safari for reasons we'll get into below (which is the bulk of the original article), we are still fans of G Adventures, their tours, and their mission. It was only after being asked several times if we would go on another G Adventures tour that we realized the answer was yes, and that our article needed updating to reflect that.

We're first going to start with the bad, our overland safari in South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, and Zambia.

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What is a Participation Camping Safari in Africa Like?

When we announced we would be going on a three-week camping safari in southern Africa, we had a pretty amazing response from readers who were looking to do something similar in the future.

One reader asked us to put together a post about what a participation camping tour is like in terms of the jobs and duties required, as this one feature about camping safaris is a big turn off for some travelers.

From our experience on our tour, the participation component of the experience was minimal.  Although some jobs on the rotating schedule were more tedious than others, hardly any of them detracted from the experience as a whole and sound more time consuming initially than they really are.

So what all can you expect to do?

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