What to Do if You Get a DMCA Copyright Infringement Notice

Well, hello! If you found this article from a Google search, odds are good you just received a DMCA Copyright Infringement Notice from your host.

This typically means only one thing: you stole some content, got busted for it, and are now frantically trying to figure out what to do! 

Don't worry, we are here today to help you out.

While we have not received DMCA notices ourselves, we have sent them to those who have stole from us. This article is our way of letting you know, from a content creator's perspective, what you should do. And that is pretty simple: remove the content as per the DMCA notice!

We weren't joking when we said it is simple, and in this one we're going to go into detail why that is.

Disclaimer: We are not lawyers and the below does not constitute legal advice. This article is our opinion based off of our experience filing DMCA notices against content thieves only and our understanding of copyright law. If you have any doubts about what to do after receiving a DMCA notice, contact an attorney.

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How You Implement Keyword Research Could Sabotage SEO

When it comes to putting your keyword research into use, you probably think you need to find a high traffic, low competition term, use it internally a number of times per conventional practices, and hope that in a few months time Google will recognize that you should rank for that term.

Sounds simple, right?

Well, you are probably shooting yourself in the foot through misuse of your keyword even if you follow all conventional best practices.

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How Much Money Can You Make on a Travel Blog?

By some accounts there are over a billion blogs out there in the world. That's 1,000,000,000 blogs.

That is roughly one blog for every seven or so people on the planet.

Filter that down to English-only blogs and you are in the realm of hundreds of millions of places on the internet that would call themselves a blog. Filter that down even more to travel blogs and you're likely into the hundreds of thousands, if not millions (our approximation).

That's a lot of people talking about travel.

And while most of these are hobbies run on 3rd party “blog” journal sites, if you remove even these a good percentage that are left are actively trying to make money through growing their blog to become a viable business- or at the very least a modest side hustle. (These likely number in the tens of thousands or low hundreds of thousands.)

Naturally, for those following this path one question comes about and that is how to make money travel blogging?

Today, I want to shed some light on that question with an emphasis on travel blogging. The exact amount of money you can expect to make is $0.

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How We’re Applying the Skyscraper Technique to Travel Blogging

Ah, skyscrapers. We all love them.

Articles using the skyscraper technique are the bread-and-butter for many popular blogs as they have the capacity to reach an audience no matter where they are shared- be it a search engine, social media, or otherwise.

But for every one blog that does the skyscraper technique well, there are countless others that fall short. And just like the building type these articles are named for, if you don't do everything you can to stand out, you may just blend in to the background rather than becoming the highlight.

We've had experience on both sides of this spectrum, and found a common trend among those who do not get the full potential out of the skyscraper technique, and that is simply this:

You're not in the position to write them in the first place.

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