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Published by Jeremy. Last Updated on September 14, 2020.

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AirTreks is an interesting service that specializes in booking around the world tickets and obscure flights.

On the surface, this seems to be quite the niche service, which is true, but for those who are in need of an elaborate plane flight these sort of services are few and far between- and few have the reputation that comes with AirTreks' 30+ years of experience.

So if you are looking to book an around the world plane ticket for your next journey (or simply have an obscure route you want to save money on), give this one a try!

What is a RTW Ticket and Why Book One?

AirTreks Helps with RTW Flights

You may be wondering why you should consider an around the world ticket to begin with, and the answer is simple: price and convenience.

On our own around the world trip, we found ourselves hopping around the planet based on where we could find the best flight sale at any given time. This required a lot of research, flexibility, and an occasional splurge for a ticket that was more expensive than we would've liked.

In one instance we went to Macedonia simply to get a direct flight to Dubai, and in another, we got in trouble with booking an Expedia non-refundable ticket.

Around the world tickets often get around this by offering everything pre-booked in advance for all of your flight dates in all of your stopover cities. That provides convenience in not having to plan how you're going to route your trip as you go, and in doing so offers the possibility to save quite a bit of money!

AirTreks itineraries between major cities have been found to be as low as $1500, which is often less than the cost of a round-trip ticket to many cities around the world. More complex itineraries and stopovers will cost more, naturally, but in booking a structured itinerary in advance the team at AirTreks can do wonders in cost savings over booking a conventional ticket on your own.

That is why an around the world ticket is such an interesting option!

So, why AirTreks and how can they work their magic for cost savings? Read on.

AirTreks is Part Travel Agency, Part Around the World Ticket Seller

Find the Best Price on an Around the World Ticket

Unlike other travel booking sites, AirTreks is a bit different.

At its core, the service is a travel agency that specializes in obscure flights and around the world tickets. But AirTreks is also a modern company with a rather robust online research software that rivals more well known flight booking services.

This comes together for a unique service that is designed for one goal in mind- to find you the best travel deals for obscure flights and multi-stop round the world tickets.

The Service is Best for Round the World Flights

If you're looking for an around the world plane ticket, especially ones with several stopovers, you're hitting the sweet spot for AirTreks- it is their specialty.

This is a tall order because in their very nature tickets to travel around the world are custom. With 30+ years experience, AirTreks has built numerous relationships with airlines and other services in order to tailor routes for the best price possible (making them one of only a few places that can even estimate such pricing with an online tool).

But it is the travel agent side of the business that really helps you find a deal.

You see, every inquiry goes through a manual review to find the best dates, prices, and alternative stopovers to save you cash (they can even integrate your points!). So while the online system provides a rough estimated range, AirTreks boasts a great ability to save pricing through first-hand research.

This is why they're best for more obscure routes and round the world flights- a simple round trip is easy and booking sites to find the best deal are a dime a dozen.

AirTreks thrives with the challenge of stopovers and long trips, and often does it much better than the major alliances (in fact, since they have relationships with almost everyone, major alliance and budget carrier, the flexibility helps a ton!).

Steps to Booking an Around the World Plane Ticket on AirTreks

AirTreks Flight Route

Researching a RTW Ticket on AirTreks is simple and follows a few simple steps.

  1. Put in your intended destinations in their booking tool.
  2. Add on an ideal start and end date.
  3. Supply your contact info and submit!

Yes, that is really all you need to do in order to start a quote with AirTreks.

After putting in an deal route, AirTreks will give you a range of pricing, but it isn't until you get the individual research from their travel agents that you can find the best rates, idealized dates, and other potential stopovers as well- so it is really a case of good things come for those who wait.

For those who are a bit more flexible and want to look at great deals on pre-made routes, AirTreks also has a rather robust specials page that is worth checking out as well.

A Few Things to Keep in Mind When Booking RTW Tickets

AirTreks Flight Specials are Fabulous

If you are looking to book an around the world plane ticket, there are some things you need to keep in mind that we would be remiss if we did not mention.

First, by booking longer trips in advance you will lock in your dates in most cases. Changing tickets / departure dates on your RTW route may result in a change fee based on the airline; however, it is worth discussing possibility of date changes with AirTreks at the start for them to incorporate options in their research (and definitely buy insurance as this often reduces the change fees drastically).

Second, consider finding one of the AirTreks special routes and basing your itinerary from there. While we know that AirTreks finds just as many good deals (if not more) than you can find on your own, these special routes have some wonderful savings built in at the start. Whether they add on budget flights internally or you do, it may be an option to save even more cash if you are flexible with destinations.

Third, keep in mind that budget, regional carriers often have cheap tickets for long periods of time (including short windows prior to departure) while more international airlines tend to have rates that jump the closer you get to departure. In our experience, flights that cross oceans need to be booked much further in advance than flights that hop one or two countries over. Depending on your route, this could likely push you towards or away from a larger packaged ticket.

Finally, double check pricing on your own after you get a quote. Anything with a big sticker price should be reconfirmed, and it is the best way to check to see if you are getting a deal with AirTreks or not (even though you likely are).

Overall, if you are looking to book an around the world ticket or an obscure route, getting a quote with AirTreks is a good idea. Their history boasts a stellar track record of finding the best deal, and helps take a lot of the load off of doing it yourself (or as a great price check, if you're like us)!

For frequently asked questions about Airtreks, see below:

What is Airtreks?

Airtreks is a travel company that specializes in around-the-world plane tickets and multi-segment flight deals.

What is a RTW ticket?

RTW stands for (a)round the world and is generally used to describe plane tickets that circumnavigate the world.

Where does Airtreks find the best deals?

Generally speaking, Airtreks finds the best deals in long-haul, multi-segment routes. These often include multiple destinations and carriers, although they can often find pricing deals on shorter segments.

What are Airtreks special routes?

Airtreks offers a number of around-the-world tickets with pre-made itineraries at attractive price points. These can often be used as starting points to develop a trip and save some serious cash.

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