The Ledges Trail in Cuyahoga Valley National Park is a Must Hike

Cuyahoga Valley National Park is one of just a few free national parks in the United States, is the only national park located in Ohio (just outside of Cleveland), and, at 32,000 acres, is also one of the smallest.

That being said, 32,000 acres is nothing to scoff at, and Cuyahoga Valley National Park gives us reason to return again and again when visiting family nearby.

On a recent trip, we decided to check out The Ledges Trail, one of the most popular trails in the park, and were not let down by what we saw. 

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Tiger Safari in India – What to Know About Ranthambore National Park

Going on a tiger safari in India is an experience that needs to be on every bucket list! 

There are around 3,000 wild tigers in India, which is the largest concentration of these big cats in the world. 

Seeing them in their natural environment is truly magical, and is a must for any North India itinerary. There are several national parks throughout India known for their high chances of spotting these elusive creatures.

So let’s dive into the article, and show you one of the best places to go on a tiger safari! 

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The Best Madrid Day Trips are Toledo and Segovia

When we were planning our honeymoon vacation in Spain, Madrid always seemed like a no brainer.  Not only because of all of the culturally important sights and museums the city has to offer, such as the Prado and Reina Sofia museums; but because of its proximity to several other amazing cities in Spain. 

Yes, one of the major reason we chose to go to Madrid was purely so we could leave Madrid, and of all of the options available Toledo and Segovia became our destinations. 

Are we crazy to think this way? Probably, but all the time spent outside of the city was certainly worth it!

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Iceland Waterfalls – A Guide to 7 of Our Favorite Cascades

Iceland is a stunning country, there is no doubt about that. Head in any direction and you're going to have the opportunity to explore beautiful coastlines, rugged scenery, waterfalls, farms, and the possibility to go on glacier walks in Iceland to name a few!

In fact, during our ten days driving the Ring Road we were able to do all of these and then some, and at times we were just awe-struck with how the beauty of this country is seemingly never ending.

One of those we got our fill of in Iceland was the beautiful, breathtaking waterfalls that make Iceland such a popular tourist destination.

The geography and climate of Iceland make this island nation a hot spot for dozens of famous waterfalls. But when planning a trip to Iceland, how do you narrow down which ones to visit? Here are some of the most beautiful waterfalls we've been to along with what you need to know before you go.

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