6 of the Best Marketing Books We Use for Our Lifestyle Design


Kindle Reader with Lifestyle Design BooksThroughout our lifestyle design series I'm going to be referencing a lot of ideas, plans, and topics that came about as the result of our long-term trip. We'll be getting into the reasoning behind this in a later post, but what it boils down to is that our 15 month trip simply gave us a lot of time to start thinking about our life goals.

With this abundance of time, we also made it a side goal of ours to read a lot of books. We hardly read at home, so our trip seemed like the perfect opportunity to change that. After reading through the complete Game of Thrones series, the entire tome of Sherlock Holmes, The Millennium Trilogy (which is amazing, by the way), and several other popular works we missed, I had to take a step back and ask myself if I was using my time wisely.

As you can imagine, I realized I wasn't.

At this point I decided to start reading what were considered to be the best marketing books to improve my knowledge of different fields that I would end up using later on. Several of the books I bought were crap. Others were quite good.

Overall, I came up with a list of six books that I can highly recommend for the entrepreneurs in our audience.

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Blue Osa is Far More than a Yoga Retreat in Costa Rica

Beautiful rooms at Blue Osa in Costa RicaNothing can ruin waking up to the sound of the ocean.  Not even a pack of roaming howler monkeys doing what they do best right outside your window.  After all, when you're in Costa Rica you're not there for only the ocean. 

Costa Rica is far more than that.

We found ourselves in the Osa Peninsula, one of the most beautiful regions of the entire country, not for the beach, not for the nature, but to enjoy the Blue Osa yoga retreat during their 2014 press week.  While our initial reason for visiting was for a yoga retreat, we left the Osa Peninsula with memories well beyond the yoga mat.

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Are Tacos al Pastor the Perfect Food?

Halfway through our long-term trip, we asked the question: “Are Greek gyros the perfect food?” For gastronomy-focused travelers like ourselves, finding what we consider to be the perfect food has always been the ultimate goal when we dine out.

For many months after publishing that post, we continued traveling the world and ate many unique and authentic meals that were absolutely worth the trip.  But none of them topped the gyro (or even came close, for that matter). 

It wasn't until we hit the last country of our long-term trip, Mexico, that we found a contender in the form of tacos al pastor.

After the first bite, we realized something interesting- these two meals are identical in almost every way.

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Afraid of Traveling in India? Go to Sri Lanka First!

We get it. The idea of traveling in India can be daunting. 

The country is a constant assault on your senses and many long-term travelers have had to cut their travels in this country short because they just couldn't handle the never-ending sensory overload that is India.

While I hope our previous articles about India have encouraged otherwise, we now have a foolproof alternative to propose if you are still nervous about visiting this amazing country.

Go to Sri Lanka first.

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