What to See in Barcelona – The Top 3 Walking Streets

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Las Ramblas, BarcelonaThe historical city of Barcelona has numerous attractions, festivals, and sites worth visiting.  But even with all the action packed site seeing the city has to offer, doing nothing is also a perfectly enjoyable experience for all who visit, as sometimes taking in attractions can just be a bit overwhelming day after day.

Luckily for visitors to Barcelona, there are a number of amazing walking streets within close distance to the many apartments in Barcelona. When a leisurely afternoon calls, you will never be too far away from these great public areas to have a quick stroll and take in the scenery! (Photo “Rambla de Catalunya” by alesia17)

Las Ramblas: Barcelona Main Street

People Walking

Las Ramblas is the most popular of all of the Barcelona streets, and is comprised of one main street and dozens of side alleys open to explore. Lined with beautiful trees and tons of restaurants, the street is particularly popular for people watching (one we particularly enjoyed on our Spain vacation).  The progression of people watching varies throughout neighborhood and can include stunt performers, fantastically dressed characters and living statues, artists who do caricatures, or even the gritty slight of hand card thieves that pop up every now and then trying to relieve a tourist of a few extra Euro. (Photo “Crowded Place” by qute)

While wandering through the various streets in Las Ramblas, a few smaller walking areas and attractions present themselves; including the Mercat de la Boqueria, a popular market with tons of local fare, and the Font de Canaletes, Barcelona’s most famous fountain.  Regardless of the direction you take when entering Las Ramblas, an interesting side of Barcelona is sure to present itself in every corner.

La Placa Catalunya

Barcelona Square

The public square of La Placa Catalunya is one of the largest spaces in the entire city at an estimated 50,000 square meters. The size is evident by the numerous meeting areas, green spaces, sprawling fountains, and monuments found throughout the square.  (Photo “A Square in Barcelona” by alesia17)

Catalunya’s fame does not arise from the fact that it is lined with amazing shops and restaurants like the other walking streets, but because of these park like additions and its strategic placement at the city center where the different city segments meet.  Meet up with a few friends at one of the easy to find monuments, and head off to see the city in a great day of exploring starting with La Placa Catalunya!

El Portal de l’Angel

The street of El Portal de ‘Angel is the shopping street of Barcelona, and attracts tourists and locals alike throughout the year for its varied offerings and upscale accommodation Barcelona. To go with the high price of the stores and living spaces, the architecture and views of the streets follow in similar style.  Even for those of us who may not be able to afford some of the offerings, walking through the street and exploring all the options is a great way to spend part of a day in the city.

Regardless of how you spend your time in the city, Barcelona has many unique things to discover. Sometimes simple exploration and getting lost throughout the various walking streets produce the best experience, and lead you to an off the beaten track site that will be the highlight of your stay.  So head out to one of these popular walking areas, get lost, and see what you discover!

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