Churrascaria Palace Review – An Authentic Brazilian Spot in Rio

Despite being an infamously picky eater, there is one food type I never shy away from, and that is meat. I often spend my time daydreaming about that perfect steak, succulent pork, or flame grilled chicken.

When I am home in North America I love to frequent the Brazilian barbecue houses and load my plate, so naturally I couldn't pass up the opportunity to eat at an authentic churrascaria while in Rio de Janeiro.

I set my sights (and my appetite) on Churrascaria Palace downtown in Copacabana. Founded in 1951 and still going strong, coupled with the high praise on review sites, I figured it was a good bet.

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Brazilian Cooking – Learning to Cook Traditional Cuisine in Rio

The fact that I love cooking classes usually surprises most of the people who know me. To begin with, I'm not what's considered an adventurous eater. You're more likely to find me eating a bag of plain potato chips than octopus salad.

On top of being a fussy eater, I have a lot of dietary sensitivities that usually make the whole process of eating something new more of a mine field than a fun pastime.

Couple that with my general inclination to let all my fresh produce rot in my fridge while I eat takeaway over the sink, people are generally amused to learn that I absolutely love cooking classes. So while traveling in Brazil, I opted to learn some Brazilian cooking in a class!

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