Terms & Conditions for Planning Service

As with all business transactions, we have a few limitations for our concierge service that we must highlight. Therefore, our Terms & Conditions are the following:

  • We are unable to make bookings, inquiries, or perform transactions on your behalf as this service is for research and advice services only.
  • We are unable to make recommendations for companies we personally find unsafe or have unsatisfactory reviews (and will make note accordingly).
  • We are not responsible for the actions you take on the road, whether or not they are made resulting from our recommendations.  This includes indirect issues such as sickness, theft, etc.
  • No recommendations in our emails will be sponsored by companies or 3rd party organizations.
  • All emails will have a typical turn around time of 24 hours or less depending on how detailed of reply is required.  In extreme cases (or for very long emails), we may require 48 hours to complete necessary research.
  • Any instances where we foresee being outside of contact range that would delay our replies past the above windows will be published each week in the private Facebook group for your reference. If you are not on Facebook we will arrange a suitable alternative notification system.
  • We will always have our phone on 24/7 for members of the Ambassador package who have an emergency.   Please note that this service is not for planning advice and is only for emergency situations.
  • An emergency is defined as sickness, theft, robbery, injury, or a missed connection that requires immediate attention.
  • In the above cases, we can make calls to your point of contact at home if needed.
  • Any planned instances of our phone being off will be published each week in the private Facebook group for your reference (such as scheduled flights or other environments where our phone must remain powered off).
  • Pre-trip emails and Skype calls can be used at your discretion prior to the beginning of your trip.  A mutually accepted start date will define the beginning of the package duration. We recommend starting at least 1-week prior to your actual departure to cover last minute questions that may come up, with 1-month being ideal.
  • If your trip extends out past the duration of the package, we offer an extension rate of the following (if the original package was purchased via a discount code, the same discount will apply):
  •         Explorer Package: $33/month
  •         Globe Trotter Package: $50/month
  •         Ambassador Package: $66/month
  • If we require more information to answer questions, subsequent emails will not be counted against the remaining total.  These instances will be noted in our replies.
  • To furnish the trip critique report, we require that you answer a detailed survey about your itinerary.  In order to provide suggestions to save the most money, we recommend having a solid understanding of your travel plans before completing the survey (ideally after reading The Long-Term Traveler's Guide which is included in the packages) as well as having some time after the completion of our report to make any required modifications before departure (ideally 3-6 months or longer).
  • Our expected turn around time for the trip critique report is 7-14 days from the submission of the survey.
  • Our money back guarantee is only valid for 14 days after the delivery of your trip critique report.   If we cannot find enough ways to save you the cost of the package we will note so in our submission and offer the return outright.  You may choose not to take this return if you would still like to retain our services- in which case no discount will be provided.
  • The money back guarantee is tied to the cost of the package, inclusive of any discounts.  If your package costs $200 (report only), the money back guarantee is only available if we cannot find more than $200 in savings.  If your package costs $800, the guarantee is for $800 in savings, etc.
  • By making a booking, you agree to these terms.  You will be emailed a copy of these terms after booking and may cancel within 48 hours with a full refund if you change your mind.

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