Travel Blog Income and Traffic Report #28 – April 2017

Welcome to the 28th entry into our monthly income and traffic report!

In this monthly update we share our traffic, earning, and spending figures from the previous month so you can get a glimpse inside the business of travel blogging. In addition to sharing these for your use, by publishing our information we are also able to stay on track with our own goals for our business.

Disclaimer: Living the Dream promotes affiliate links within our articles. By shopping or booking travel through our links, we will receive a commission that helps us continue running our site. Thanks for your support!

Living the Dream’s April 2017 Traffic

Our page views for the month of April were approximately 50,250- up approximately 1.4% on a per-day basis from March. This traffic was up approximately 29.5% from April 2016.

Much like the past few months, we haven’t done much to try and increase our page views on Living the Dream other than organic growth.

Towards the end of the month we started to overhaul our Pinterest schedule to fill the gap we’ve had for the last few months after we stopped working with our VA. But, as with most things on Pinterest, we don’t expect to see results on that for a few months as it takes a while for campaigns to truly pick up steam.

On the Discover the Burgh front, we were coming off our viral surge from March and received roughly 124,000 page views for the month (a decrease of about 38% from the previous month). Based on traffic at the end of the month I suspect we’ll maintain over 100,000 page views, or close to it, monthly which is a 50% gain from where we were before the viral surge. I’ll take that any day.

Living the Dream’s April 2017 Income

Our income for the month of April was approximately $1,666, with the following breakdown:

CPM Ads*: $906
Amazon Affiliates: $106
Other Affiliates: $554
Sponsored Ads: $100

We are changing our reporting structure on this one to just CPM Ads (previously split between Adsense and Amazon CPM ads) because, as you may tell from recent updates, we’ve switched media networks!

We’ve now joined Mediavine for CPM ad hosting and are thrilled with the results we’ve seen so far. For the month of April alone we’ve doubled our CPM income over the Amazon and Adsense combo we were using before, and that is while we were still optimizing on the network.

Based on our earnings towards the end of the month we were seeing page view CPM / RPM ($/1,000 impressions site-wide, define as you will) of over $10! This means that, on an average month, we’ll be earning closer to $1,500 a month from display ads alone. Throw on a bit more in affiliate income, and we’ll be approaching record earnings through little to no effort of our own. Nice!

Note: Our income and expenses factor in both of our websites, not just Living the Dream.

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Living the Dream’s April 2017 Expenses

Our expenses for the month of April were approximately $625 with the following breakdown:

Staff Articles: $75
Hosting (2 sites:) $200
Mailchimp: $75
Facebook ads: $275

Overall, our spending in April was quite low, which we won’t complain about (if only because we’ve been in need of a bit more money than usual for personal reasons).

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We were hoping to move to secure servers in April on one if not both sites but switched over to a few other things (namely, reviving Pinterest), and ended up pushing it back some. We’ll get there soon enough.

May Goals

Our primary goal for May is to finish up a lot of our outstanding tasks (I feel like we say this every month). We’re 90% of the way through finishing the setup for our Pinterest campaign, and also are starting a new affiliate campaign that is almost ready to go.

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Once those are completed, we’ll then move to switching to secure servers and getting our hands into another project or two. But as is the case with most everything we do, it’ll probably be some whim that we want to test as we really don’t have anything on our radar for what is next.

Outside of these, we have a lot on our plate including speaking about local blogging at TBEX Huntsville, attending a few concerts, visiting family, and, gasp, buying a house (which is where all our money is sadly going)!

Check back at the beginning of June to see how we did!