Stonehenge, Salisbury, and Windsor is a Great London Day Trip

London, England was the very first destination that I visited overseas.  Three and a half years later and dozens of countries visited, London is still one of my favorites. 

With limited time in the city, I decided to take a day trip to visit Stonehenge, one of the many things to do in London that I had to cram in such a small period of time. For the itinerary to work out to be within my budget, I had to book a package tour that also visited Salisbury Cathedral and Windsor Castle, and turned out to be a fantastic decision.

Although my primary reason for heading out for the day was to visit Stonehenge, the sight ended up being the last destination out of all the places I checked out.  

In not knowing much about the other two destinations I went to, the day turned out to be quite the experience!

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5 Unique Facts about Heathrow Airport

Millions of people pass through Heathrow airport every year and almost nobody gives a second thought to the airport itself. Why would we? Jetting off on holiday or on some travel adventure is far too exciting for airport trivia or sentimentality. The truth is that Heathrow is a unique place steeped in history and full of interesting facts just like most every other sight in the city. So next time you’re waiting at the departure gate roll out these facts and impress anyone who’ll listen.

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