Hostel Dorm – What Size is Right For You?

After the hurdle of deciding to stay in a hostel dorm has passed, the next biggest decision you will be faced with is choosing the size of room you wish to stay in.  Starting from two beds all the way up to more than two dozen, dorm sizes come in all shapes and sizes with an appropriate cost to match.  As it turns out, not all dorms are created equal and a lot of nuances come in to play when deciding your room size.  When looking for holiday deals, do not forget to pick the appropriate room size, as a few dollars more may be all it takes to turn a nightmare experience into paradise.

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5 Sight Seeing Do’s and Don’ts for Traveling in Jordan

The Do and Don't list is something that I have always enjoyed watching on travel specials and am throwing my hand into the style with this feature.

While some of these features are often in the style of “you must do this” and “you might as well miss that,” this version will be formatted in a different way and in no way tell you not to do something major, as my misfortune might be someone else's highlight.

Instead, the “Do” will feature a specific place or thing to do in the destination that is a great site and/or experience, and the “Don't” will spotlight things to keep in mind during that activity that is not well known and publicized when planning the trip.

For all posts in this feature, check out the Do and Dont link in the category list on the side bar in the future for countries, cities, and regions!  Now, onward to 5 Dos and Donts when traveling in Jordan!

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Stonehenge, Salisbury, & Windsor is a Great London Day Trip

London, England was the very first destination that I visited overseas.  Three and a half years later and dozens of countries visited, London is still one of my favorites. 

With limited time in the city, I decided to take a day trip to visit Stonehenge, one of the many things to do in London that I had to cram in such a small period of time. For the itinerary to work out to be within my budget, I had to book a package tour that also visited Salisbury Cathedral and Windsor Castle, and turned out to be a fantastic decision.

Although my primary reason for heading out for the day was to visit Stonehenge, the sight ended up being the last destination out of all the places I checked out.  

In not knowing much about the other two destinations I went to, the day turned out to be quite the experience!

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Trekking in Sapa – Be Sure to Bring Rain Essentials

Often considered the number two destination in Vietnam behind taking a Halong Bay cruise, is Sapa.  The Northern mountain town is the go to spot for trekking, near immeasurable quantity of rice terraces, and visiting local tribal villages. 

Of course, visiting Sapa at any time of the year puts you in for a very high risk of being caught in the frequent rain storms the region enjoys. 

This shouldn't be a deterrent, as hiking in Sapa was one of my favorite experiences, even if it did require a bit of extra preparation when rainy.

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