What’s Next After Travelling Around the World for One Year

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My long-term trip has ended, and now I have to do the hard task of looking towards the future.

As I adjust to regular life in Canada, the first thing I have done is figure out what to do next now that my one year round the world trip is over.

First Goal – Paying Back Debts

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In the immediate future, my goal is to pay off my debt and rebuild my savings.

I owe Karen $2,218.19 CAD which she loaned me to complete the last 2 months of my one year trip. I also owe my sister, Eunice, $1,000 CAD because I purchased her car off her upon returning back to Canada.

Second Goal – Focusing on Health

Since returning home, my number one most important priority is to crack the code to earning location independent online passive income. I began to compile a list of things I needed in order to make this dream a reality.

Having a good product to sell is important, but realistically, I under stood that without health, I won't even be able to start. So the first thing I have been doing was to taking care of my health. If I don’t feel good, the chances of me working hard towards learning a new skill and doing work that I’m forcing myself to do is lower. If I don't feel good, my productivity will drop. To commit to my health, I immediately purchased a fridge to ensure I could distance myself from the junk food normally found in our shared family fridge.

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I also purchased a one year gym membership so I can start exercising again on a regular basis and boost up my energy levels as well as burn some of the “bad fat” I accumulated while travelling.

I also invested some money on an ergonomic chair. While making my music video, my back would ache from sitting for hours on an uncomfortable chair or my bed. My new purchase gave me a peace of mind allowing me to work for hours without worrying about my back.

Third Goal – Build New Income

I also invested money on a white backdrop and some soft box lights as I start filming videos for the digital product I am creating. One of the best way to earn online passive income is to selling online courses and I decided this is something I’d like to do.

Besides my investments towards building online passive income, I also accumulated some debt travelling to Calgary to do a presentation on Canadian travel hacking.

Altogether, I accumulated about $8,500 in debt that I need to pay off in the next several months.

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I plan on using Dave Ramsey’s debt snowball method to clear my debt before building up my savings.

As far as online passive income goes, I plan on taking everything I know and creating several video products which I plan to sell online. The ones that do well I plan on offering different up sells, such as mastermind groups or even one on one coaching with affiliates.

Earning online passive income is my next goal for the next year.

As far as travel goes, my goal is to visit every single UN recognized countries in the world by the end of 2021. There are 193 UN recognized countries and I’ve visited 75. This leaves me with 118 countries to visit by the end of 2021. That’s roughly 30 countries per year. The hardest part of this task is to visit the sketchy countries and also nations where entry VISA is hard to acquire.

I’m very excited about the future and as I work towards building up online passive income and visiting every country in the world. Despite being back home, life is good knowing that I have so many projects to work on moving forward.

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