The Ultimate Travel Resource List

Last Updated on June 17, 2019 by Jeremy

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In an effort to plan your trip and get advice about specific travel destinations, we've compiled a list of the best resources from around the internet including relevant planning websites and travel companies. This collection is a dynamic and continually updated list of travel resources from around the world.  As new resources and companies come onto the scene every year, this list will be updated to include them.

Travel Planning Resources

The following are some of the best planning resources on the internet that we personally use when planning both short-term and long-term travels.  If a piece of information you are looking for is not on one of these websites, it likely does not exist on a major planning resource.

Wikitravel – Open source travel guides for the best cities around the world.  Great recommendations on sights to see, day trip ideas, foods to eat, and more.
Seat Guru – Find the best seat on any airplane and avoid being stuck next to the lavatory or away from overhead television screens.
Seat 61 – Train transportation guides and costs for nearly every itinerary around the world.
I Hate Taxis – Transportation costs inside every city around the world including how to get in from the airport, train station, and travel around while exploring.
Trip Advisor – All encompassing travel review site with great reviews on hotels, hostels, and attractions around the world.
BootsnAll – Discount travel planning site with great message boards.
Cruise Critic – The ultimate cruising resource with the best message boards on the topic.  If the fans on the site do not give a ship, itinerary, or third party company a thumbs up, it isn't good.
The Travel Atlas – Directory of the world's tourism boards for destination specific recommendations straight from the source.
TravelPod – Travelogue hosting website service for those looking for an online journal without building a standalone blog.
XE Currency – Up to the minute currency exchange information with helpful calculators.
USA Center for Disease Control – A comprehensive database of all travel diseases, how to avoid them, and vaccinations available.  (Good even for those out of the USA).
USA Transportation Security Administration – Airfare safety and carry-on rules for the USA. A good guide for airfare safety regardless of destination traveled.
USA State Department – Travel advisories and visa information for US citizens.  For citizens of other countries please check your own state department page for comparable information.

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