My Experience Living the Digital Nomad Lifestyle in Chiang Mai

Because I aspire to succeed in building a strong source of location independent income, I decided to check out the most popular digital nomad hotspot in the world: Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Simply put, a “digital nomad” is someone who bounces from one place to the next without ever having a permanent home. They often choose countries that have a low cost of living, and good internet, because most make money online.

I wanted to live in Chiang Mai for at least a month and because I didn’t book anything ahead of time, I needed to find a cheap apartment fast!

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Visiting the Chiang Mai Zoo with Kids

Feeding the Hippo at the Chiang Mai Zoo

The Chiang Mai Zoo is located about 20 minutes from the Old City on a hill not far from Doi Suthep. We caught a songthaew out to the Zoo at 8:30 one morning hoping to reach the gates at opening time.

The Chiang Mai Zoo also has a Snow Dome, 3D cinema, Panda viewing and Aquarium that all require an extra fee if you want to visit. Entrance to the Chiang Mai Zoo is around $4.00 USD and half that for children.

We decided to just visit the Zoo and the Panda enclosure as I had never seen a Panda in real life before. At 9:00am we entered the Zoo and realized that we had left the SD card for our camera at home. J did a mad dash home to get it and we carried on through the zoo.

The Chiang Mai Zoo is situated on the side of a hill and it’s big so be prepared for lot’s of walking. While we were waiting for J to come back we explored the ground level. It was quite amusing that the safety standards in Asia are very different to the Western world and we found some of exhibits a bit too close for comfort.

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The Best Beaches of Koh Samui for Families

Bang Por Beach

Koh Samui is an Island situated in the Gulf of Thailand about 700km South of Bangkok. Koh Samui is a beautiful island blessed with many beautiful beaches.  The island is about 25 km long and 20 km wide and you can drive around the whole island in a couple of hours.

While you can stay on a Koh Samui beach without transport, it is best to have your own wheels as taxis are very expensive and having a car means you have the freedom to explore the many beautiful beaches on the island. We enjoyed having a vehicle when in Samui as we could go to a different beach everyday.

We visited many different beaches during our two week stay on the island and here is a list of the most family friendly ones.

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The Hammock House in Koh Lanta is a Must Visit

One of my favorite things about the islands of Thailand is that they are easy to explore.  A cheap scooter and you're on your way to find a quiet beach, beautiful fields, or an unusual shop. 

During my time on the island of Koh Lanta, I took a day pursuing my favorite activity and stumbled upon what is quite possibly the best shop on the island – The Hammock House.

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