My First Safari in Africa Was Disappointing

I didn't go to Africa to see the animals. This fact seems to surprise a lot of people who think the only things worth seeing on the continent are the Big 5, but the fact was I was there to meet the people, explore different cultures, and do some adrenaline sports. The animals were a draw, but only a small one.

That being said, I didn't expect my first experience to be quite so, well… boring.

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Ostrich Riding – A Unique Experience in Oudtshoorn, South Africa

I'd never given much thought to ostriches before South Africa, but apparently they're a big deal down here. Not only are they eaten (surprisingly delicious) and their hides turned into expensive leather, you can also ride an ostrich at one of the many ostrich farms in Oudtshoorn if you're feeling risky enough.

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How I Spent A Week in Cape Town

My first foray into Africa was the typical tourist way: I landed in Cape Town. A year before a Nigerian native had implored me to go to Africa: the real Africa, which apparently doesn't include South Africa because it is a tourist trap. I heard this sentiment reiterated time and time again, but nonetheless, I loved Cape Town.

I landed in the beginning of summer when the temperature were scorching. I arrived five days before my tour from Cape Town to Nairobi started, plus the first two days of the tour were free use days in Cape Town, so I had a solid week to see the city. And what a city it is. I was also lucky enough that I had my best friend flying over from Arizona to spend it with me.

So what to do with a week in Cape Town?

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