16 of The Best Places to Visit on a Florida Road Trip

The following is a guest post from This is My South.

Florida is a great destination when it comes to road trips. There are unique things to see in every corner of the state and it’s easy to traverse by both major highways and backroads. It has an abundance of natural springs just begging you to come take a dip and maybe even spot a manatee!

No matter which part of the state you’re interested in tackling, you’re sure to find something to see. Rent a car, pack your bags, and book your hotel for the ultimate Florida road trip.

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A Guide to Travel in Mexico City – What to See, Do, Eat

The following is a guest post from Claire's Footsteps.

I consider Mexico City to be one of the most underrated places that I have ever visited. The capital is one of the largest cities in the world, with a fascinating history spanning from ancient empires, through the Spanish invasion, to the present-day melting pot that is the heart of all things Mexican.

Yet, many travellers don’t travel in Mexico City due to fears of its safety. While I’m not going to pretend that the city and country are crime-free, most tourists to both have a hassle-free stay, and it is very easy to avoid being a victim of crime here.

I personally lived in Mexico City as a teenager and have re-visited a few times as an adult, and have loved the place a little more every time. So, if you are thinking about visiting Mexico City for the first time, here are my recommendations of things to see and do, as well as where and what to eat. Enjoy!

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10 Ways to Hack Your Honeymoon Fund

The following is a guest post by World Wide Honeymoon.

If you’re engaged, congrats! It’s truly an amazing and special time.

It also is the time to start planning a wedding and a honeymoon. And, with that, you’ll start realizing just how expensive it can be. We get it, as we were in the same position a year ago, trying to find ways to save money as well.

Today, we’re sharing how to hack your honeymoon fund to have an amazing honeymoon after that romantic wedding.

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