6 Lessons from Our Blogger to WordPress Migration

Migration Google Pageviews Bombshell: After migrating from Blogger to WordPress, I saw exactly zero loss of referrals from search engines.  On the contrary, my page views actually went up 25% on Day 1 when compared to the same day in previous weeks. It's definitely not going viral, but I'll take that!

After speaking to several bloggers about migrating from Blogger to WordPress, the common fear was that search engine rankings would go down for a while until your blog gets re-indexed.

Thinking about it, this fear is warranted.

If you do not migrate links properly, your high ranking pages could generate 404 hits and may get removed from search engines. Their “link juice” will not cascade through your site and may negatively impact the ranking of lesser pages that are correct. While good sites will recover in time, there is a fear over just how long this will be. (And even the best SEO keyword usage won't save you.)

I'm happy to report that if you do it right, you will not face this issue. Even though I hired a web developer to assist with the change-over, there were still several issues that needed to be dealt with.

Today I'm going to highlight the important tasks I did that saved me from losing substantial traffic that others have frequently reported when migrating.

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3 Reasons to Start a Travel Blog (And 5 You Shouldn’t)

“Should I start a travel blog for my long-term trip?”  

You'd be surprised, but we actually receive this question quite frequently.

There are a lot of considerations to keep in mind when deciding whether or not to blog on the road. We could write a dozen posts on this topic, but what it all comes down to is whether you want to run a professional blog to be seen by others and be a business or a personal blog only for your friends and family.

Depending on what you're interested in, making the decision to blog on your long-term trip could be easy, or may end up being one that requires far more work than you may want to have while on the road.  To help, we came up with our three top reasons for why you should blog your long-term trip.  In the process, however, we also came up with five more reasons why you should not.

To start out positive, let's look at the three reasons why you should blog your long-term trip.

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