The Best Madrid Day Trips are Toledo and Segovia

When we were planning our honeymoon vacation in Spain, Madrid always seemed like a no brainer.  Not only because of all of the culturally important sights and museums the city has to offer, such as the Prado and Reina Sofia museums; but because of its proximity to several other amazing cities in Spain. 

Yes, one of the major reason we chose to go to Madrid was purely so we could leave Madrid, and of all of the options available Toledo and Segovia became our destinations. 

Are we crazy to think this way? Probably, but all the time spent outside of the city was certainly worth it!

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4 Tips for How to Buy Train Tickets in Spain on Renfe

Madrid, Spain

For those who have tried to buy Spain train tickets on the booking website Renfe, you are probably cringing in recollection of your experiences.

For those who are heading to Spain in the future but have yet to purchase tickets, you probably have heard the rumors about how bad the service is.

For those who do not know what I am talking about, you're about to have an eye opening experience.  Buying tickets on Renfe is quite possibly one of the worst travel experiences one can have, and after several frustrating purchase attempts for our vacation in Spain we figured out 4 great tips to help make your purchasing experience a breeze! 

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What to See in Barcelona – The Top 3 Walking Streets

The historical city of Barcelona has numerous attractions, festivals, and sites worth visiting.  But even with all the action packed site seeing the city has to offer, doing nothing is also a perfectly enjoyable experience for all who visit, as sometimes taking in attractions can just be a bit overwhelming day after day.

Luckily for visitors to Barcelona, there are a number of amazing walking streets within close distance to the many apartments in Barcelona. When a leisurely afternoon calls, you will never be too far away from these great public areas to have a quick stroll and take in the scenery!

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How Much Was Our Our Two Week Spain Honeymoon?

After returning from our Spain honeymoon, we had one question more than all others: just how much did it cost? 

Well, we are not afraid to let the world know that we spent just about $5,885 for our 15-day luxury honeymoon in Spain, or about $392/day.

While that number is high, as Spain is known for being relatively inexpensive for the budget traveler, keep in mind the fact that we went all out in nearly every aspect of the honeymoon with little regard to prices. 

Spain was actually our chosen destination for this very reason as we'd much rather spend more money in a cheaper destination doing everything we wanted to rather than skimping in a more expensive destination just to get by within a manageable budget.

But like all things on this site, we kept a record of our spending. Yes, even on our honeymoon we still worked to log every penny spent to give you a complete idea on what it would be like to travel the way we do.

Of course, as this trip was our honeymoon and is the opposite of what most people consider for budget or long-term travel, we'll do our best to highlight the reasons why our number was significantly higher than what should be required.

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