Blue Osa is Far More than a Yoga Retreat in Costa Rica

Beautiful rooms at Blue Osa in Costa RicaNothing can ruin waking up to the sound of the ocean.  Not even a pack of roaming howler monkeys doing what they do best right outside your window.  After all, when you're in Costa Rica you're not there for only the ocean. 

Costa Rica is far more than that.

We found ourselves in the Osa Peninsula, one of the most beautiful regions of the entire country, not for the beach, not for the nature, but to enjoy the Blue Osa yoga retreat during their 2014 press week.  While our initial reason for visiting was for a yoga retreat, we left the Osa Peninsula with memories well beyond the yoga mat.

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A Yellow Fever Issue Traveling from Colombia to Costa Rica

For those who know us well, you've come to expect that we plan every little detail far more than most other travelers.  We research a lot, and only very rarely have unexpected surprises pop up on us.

I say this as the intro to this article so you can imagine our shock when we tried checking in to our flight from Cartagena, Colombia, to San Jose, Costa Rica and were told we had to show our Yellow Fever vaccination records in order to fly.

You know, the ones that were lost when we were robbed in Peru.

Hello panic mode, my name is Jeremy.  I never thought I'd be seeing you this day.

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