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The following resources are ones we personally use during our own travels and highly recommend. These links may contain affiliate information that gives us a small commission with your purchase at no added cost to you. If you would like to support our site during your travels, please click on these links prior to making your purchase!   To bookmark this page, press the Ctrl (PCs) or Command (Macs) and “D” keys on your keyboard.


Amazon Associates

Are you making a purchase on Amazon in the near future? Use our affiliate link (click here) before making your purchase. We'll receive a small commission and the price you pay will not change!

Living the Dream Originals

Over the years we have built several products and services in conjunction with this site. In addition to the products and services below, we have built numerous free downloads to help you plan your long-term trip.


The Long-Term Traveler's Guide

Are you planning a long-term trip around the world? If so, our first book, The Long-Term Traveler's Guide, is for you. This 200+ page resource includes all of the planning topics you'll face when researching a RTW trip and will ensure you have the tools to have a successful trip no matter where you go. The Long-Term Traveler's Guide is available in print, Kindle, Nook, and iPad formats.


When it comes to travel, airfare is going to be your most expensive purchase just about every time. That is why we love aggregator sites as they search dozens of booking websites, airlines, and budget carriers to ensure you have the absolute best price.



Kayak searches just about every website you can think of to find the best price, and even lets you look at prices throughout multiple destinations all in one go!


STA Travel

If you are a student or under the age of 26, STA Travel can find some incredible deals for you using their special partnerships. When we were students we saved several hundred dollars on flights to Asia by booking here.


Whether you want to stay in dorm rooms, apartments, or luxury hotels, we've got your back with some of our trusted accommodation search engines. We personally use these websites to find the best deals on rooms wherever we go. 


Hostelling International

Hostelling International is a unique association of hostels around the world that offers substantial discounts to members. Just a few nights stay at our preferred hostel in Switzerland paid off our membership price and then some!


Button9 is a great hotel reservation platform for long-term travelers as you receive larger discounts with the more reservations you make. By the end of our trip we were receiving 20% off on just about every booking we made!



If you're looking for something different, Airbnb offers locally owned apartments with great rates. We've found many deals here that allowed the two of us to stay in an apartment cheaper than two dorm beds! For those new to Airbnb, signing up via our link will get you a discount credit!



FlipKey is TripAdvisor‘s apartment rental service styled much like Airbnb. We've found more unique listings and great prices here that we couldn't find anywhere else.


Although we're not huge guidebook proponents, we have experienced their benefits time and time again throughout our travels whenever we pick one up on the road. Out of all of the ones we've read, the following are our favorites.


Lonely Planet

Lonely Planet is the most well known guidebook series of them all, and there is no doubt why they are so popular. As a comprehensive guide, you'll find information about destinations new and unknown with lots of features you would have never considered.


Rough Guides

Rough Guides is a second highly rated guidebook series that we have received very good information from during our travels. As is also the case with Lonely Planet, keep in mind that pricing in these books become outdated almost instantly- especially in countries with high inflation.


World Nomads

World Nomads is a premium travel insurance company that will help keep you and your belongings protected during your travels. We had to file several claims against our policy when our camera died and our backpack was stolen in Peru and had our requests paid out in under a month!



If you are looking for a comprehensive booking website with verified day tours around the world, Viator is for you. We have had great experiences with Viator ranging from cage diving with great whites in South Africa to visiting lavender fields in Provence, France.


We carry a substantial amount of gear with us when we travel the world. Part of it is because we need a lot to maintain our websites (cameras, accessories, computers, etc) and the other part is that we are simply over-packers. Although we have dozens of items in our packing list, there are a few that stand out as being our very favorite.  All gear featured below is linked via our Amazon affiliates account.


Sony a6000

Our current primary camera is the Sony a6000. This mirrorless camera packs all of the power and options of an SLR but is in a more compact size of a point and shoot. This is a great model for those wanting a little more bells and whistles on a lower budget as well.


Sony Lenses

Our photography kit featured two lenses, one kit lens which came on the camera above and one 20mm prime lens that captures all of our landscape shots. If you're into wide scenes and landscape photography like we are, we highly recommend the prime!


Canon D20

The Canon D20 is a decent budget camera that can do one thing most others cannot- it can go underwater! Rated to 10m (33ft), the D20 helped us get the shots we otherwise never would have captured. Want deeper? The Canon D30 is rated to 25m (82ft)- perfect for the scuba addicts out there!


Black Rapid Camera Strap

I received the Black Rapid Camera Strap as a gift from my brother once I got in to photography, and after putting it through its paces I realized there is no going back. This strap allows your SLR to comfortably rest at your hip and allows for easy and natural access.


Guerrilla Pack Voltij

We won this backpack in a contest, and Angie used it as her primary bag on our long-term trip. At 55L the Guerrilla Pack Voltij was perfect for all her clothes and the side loading zipper made it incredibly accessible.


High Sierra AT Gear Access

Jeremy's High Sierra pack is a 95L beast that fit not only all of his clothes, but large toiletries and several months worth of souvenirs as well. This bag is a combo backpack / duffel / rolling suitcase and has just about every function you need. Caution- this is a heavy bag!


Packing Cubes

Our packing cubes have been one of our favorite purchases as it allows us to free up valuable space in our backpack through the act of compressing our clothes. Want to see packing cubes in action? Check out our review!


Acer AO722

If you're looking for a budget netbook to stay connected on the road but do not need the power of an expensive laptop, the Acer AO722 is for you. We used this netbook throughout our travels as a lightweight device to share photos, plan our itinerary, and stay connected on social media.


Transcend 1TB Hard Drive

We protect all of our photos and valuable documents on the road with duplicate backups on our external hard drive. The Transcend hard drives are one of the best as they meet military drop standards and can take the bumps and bruises of being on the road.


Plug Adapter Set

Not all plugs are created equally, which is why having the right wall adapter set is key when traveling abroad. This five pack covers most of the destinations you'll visit around the world with few exceptions. (So far the only additional plug we needed to purchase out of 69 countries was for South Africa). Not bad at all!


Under Armour Muroc Jackets (Mens)

Our Under Armour jackets were the only cold weather layer we took with us on our long-term trip, and kept us comfortable in most situations above 5C (40F). Lightweight and comfortable, we still use these jackets today. Click here for Men's and here for Women's.


KEEN Sneakers

We were given complimentary KEEN shoes to test out on our 465-day trip around the world, and the Alamosa (Women's) and Siskiyou (Men's) sneakers did not disappoint. Waterproof and durable under any condition, you won't need any other functional shoe during your travels. Check out our review to see how they survived our journey!


KEEN Sandals

In addition to our KEEN shoes, we were able to try out the Newport H2 sandals on our long-term trip and loved wearing them at the beach or on short day hikes. If you hate flip flops and want a sandal with more support, check these out in Men's and Women's.


Microfiber Towel

One of our favorite packing list items was our microfiber bath towel as it was quick drying and quite large. Even after 465-days on the road it held up nicely and would still dry in a reasonable period of time.


Inflatable Pillow

Over the years we've tested just about every inflatable pillow on the market (reviews here), and this one is by far my favorite. The small size and curved shape means you will not feel constricted like you do with the neck pillows, and it is never too hard to find a comfortable spot


Leather-Bound Journal

Do you like to keep a journal while traveling? If so, this leather-bound journal made in Florence, Italy is for you. At nearly 500 pages this journal will stand up to everything and is also quite stylish too! With a total of 465-days traveled on our last adventure, Angie almost filled this one up entirely!

Looking for more gear other than what is listed on this page? Head on over to Amazon to start shopping! All purchases made via this link will help keep Living the Dream running!


Are you thinking of opening a blog to cover your long-term travels? Or maybe you had an inspiration to build a new website as a result of something you've experienced on the road? Check out these services which we use to run our network of sites in the Living the Dream brand.


Blue Host

Our host for all of the sites in the Living the Dream Network is Blue Host. With unlimited hosting and file transfers, you can't ask for much more when starting out.


Elegant Themes

Do you like the theme we are running on Living the Dream? We are currently using a customized version of the Vertex theme provided by Elegant Themes and absolutely love it. Customizable and responsive, you can't ask for much more!


The Professional Travel Bloggers Association (PTBA)

The PTBA is a growing non-profit organization for professional travel bloggers working for the betterment of our industry.


Travel Blog Success

Travel Blog Success is one of the best programs for getting up to speed in the business of travel blogging on the web. With numerous courses, webinars, and a thriving forum, this site is a wealth of knowledge for anyone looking to take their travel blog to the next level.


Opt-In Monster

Opt-In Monster is one of the best plug-ins for those who want to collect newsletter emails through pop-ups. This service is offers numerous customization features and great A/B testing services.



Viraltag is all about social media scheduling and has pretty good bulk uploads and advance scheduling features that have drastically reduced our time commitment to our social channels.



Our favorite print-on-demand service for self-publishing is Createspace. We use this Amazon service for our book, The Long-Term Traveler's Guide, and have had a very positive experience with their offering from start to finish.



ClickBank is one of the largest digital marketplaces and has a relatively user friendly interface, amazing affiliate program, and automated payment system. Fees are a fixed percent of your sales and you must have your own secured delivery mechanism to deliver your product.



e-Junkie is another large digital marketplace available to sell your product and offers all aspects of the sale process from checkout to secured delivery from their private servers. Fees are a flat $5/month for those selling under ten products and you must pay your affiliates via PayPal every month.



We sell our best photos in personal prints and on many items such as post cards and mugs through SmugMug. This popular image selling website includes customizable portfolios, name your own pricing structures, and more- making organizing and selling your photos a breeze.

Do you have a question about any of the products or services featured in this list? As we personally use everything featured on this page, we are quite familiar with how they work and are more than happy to provide any feedback where we can. Email us at if you would like to talk about any of these products in greater detail.

Advertising Note: We do not, under any circumstances, sell advertising on this page. All links featured above are of products and services we personally use and recommend. Featured companies that we have worked with in the past are placed of our own choosing due to us liking their service as we continue to use them as paying customers.

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