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Are you a travel brand looking for online promotion through first-hand partnerships? If so, Living the Dream is here for you!  

We offer a robust partnership program to help promote your brand or destination through first hand experiences shared by our team. Our campaigns range from promoting individual experiences all the way to participation in multi-day FAM trips, and our published content can be tailored to include article generation, social media shares, media acquisition, and more based on your needs.

Professionalism is Our Top Priority

When it comes down to it, running our website in a professional manner is the most important aspect of what we do here at Living the Dream.

What does this mean for you?  Several things:

  • Our team consists of exceptional travel writers and website managers with over nine years experience in travel writing, blogging, and photography.
  • Our content and published media is tailored to meet the interests of our audience and travelers to your region who are searching for tips, advice, and recommendations.
  • We guarantee publications from all partnerships, and we provide estimated article counts and social shares prior to any trip, visit, or experience.
  • We maintain running one, three, and five year plans for this website, meaning we will be operating many years to come.
  • Living the Dream is a proud member of the Professional Travel Bloggers Association, and is in the process of joining more professional organizations throughout 2016.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, we have decided we will never cold pitch brands ever again.

This means that all partners find us either through meetings at professional events, peer recommendations, or web inquiries directly on our site and social channels.

We believe this to be a critical aspect of our partnership program as we only wish to work with brands who are as excited to work with us as we are with them. This ensures mutual satisfaction, respect, and the best results so our generated content can reach as many active travelers as possible.

Partnership Capabilities

We are available to work with travel companies and tourism boards to promote your brand or destination to a large following of active travelers. In addition, we are also available to work on developing campaigns from their infancy so the final product helps you reach the right customer with the appropriate message across numerous social media channels.

Some of the partnership capabilities we have include the following:

  • Campaign Development
  • Press/Familiarization Trips
  • Media Acquisition
  • Article Generation
  • Instagram and Other Social Media Campaigns
  • Recommendations and Improvements for your Services
  • Contests for our Community
  • Availability for Participating in Media Pages Takeovers
  • ..and more custom offerings tailored to your needs!

It is rather difficult for us to list every partnership scenario we offer on this page as we like to tailor our partnerships to meet your company’s marketing goals.  To discuss possible partnership opportunities with Living the Dream, please email

Reviews of individual experiences, attractions, or businesses are able to be accommodated via our team of frequent travelers at our earliest availability when visiting your region. For multi-day FAM or press trips, airfare from the USA is requested. For projects that require content deliverables (such as media licenses), or for a firm article and social media promotion schedule, a fee may be charged to cover our time and expenses.

Disclosure Notice

In accordance with ethical blogging practices, all reviews/promotion hosted on Living the Dream in exchange for a travel experience will be 100% truthful and include a sponsorship notation.  Typically these statements can be as simple as “A special thank you goes out to our friends at Travel Company who provided this experience.  Check them out next time you are in City/Country” or be a more elaborate sponsorship paragraph if desired.

If you are interested in site-specific advertising, giveaways, or other forms of promotion on this website, please check out our advertising page.