While Traveling in Montenegro, Enjoy the High Places

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Bay of Kotor, MontenegroOne of my favorite features about traveling in Montenegro is that it is full of mountains.  

No matter where you go, mountains are always on the horizon in multiple directions; and in being a small country, you can get to the top of them very quickly.During our week-long stay in Montenegro we climbed to many viewpoints over looking the cities of Kotor and Budva and even jumped on a 12-hour tour around the country that hit many of the most famous overlooks you can find.

Of course, we can't keep the amazing photographs we took from our stay to ourselves.  So come with us on a visual journey around Montenegro's best scenic viewpoints with none of the hair pin turns in a fast moving vehicle that we had to endure!

When Traveling in Montenegro, Go High

Bay of Kotor is a must see when traveling in Montenegro
The Bay of Kotor is often considered to be Europe's southern most fjord, although it is in fact a ria.  Its easy access to the sea makes it a popular port for ships of all sizes.  The fortress of Kotor is a moderately easy hour-long hike to get this great view!
Sveti Stefan, Montenegro
The island of Sveti Stefan is located about 15 minutes by bus from the coastal city of Budva, or a stunning two-hour walk along the coast if you have some extra time.  This exclusive resort is off-limits to tourists, but that didn't stop us from taking in the view.
Mount Lovcen, Montenegro
Mount Lovćen is one of the highest peaks in the region outside of Kotor, but easily accessible by car as the peak is home to the mausoleum of Njegoš, Prince-Bishop of Montenegro in the 19th century.
Mount Lovcen, Montenegro
The views from Mount Lovćen are absolutely stunning.
Mount Lovcen, Montenegro
On a clear day on Mount Lovćen you can see for miles in all directions.   Although this village seems to be in a low valley, it is actually still quite high in the mountains compared to sea level.
Mount Lovcen, Montenegro
One of the walkways on Mount Lovćen heading to the Mausoleum
River Connecting to Lake Skadar, Montenegro
The river connecting to Lake Skadar in Montenegro (and 1/3 in Albania) has beautiful curves that can be traced for quite some time with numerous opportunities for photos!
Montenegro village
Montenegro is a stunning place!

Although there is much more to be said about the country of Montenegro, a great introduction is to simply take a drive around and see it how it was meant to be seen – from above!

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