Surabaya, Indonesia – The Best Day Trips to Choose From

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When it comes to traveling around Indonesia, one of the hardest things to plan for is, surprisingly, what cities you will stay in.

This is not due to the fact that there are limited options in the country, these are actually plentiful, but is rather due to the fact that a lot of your time exploring the country is on day trips- making finding a good home base quite important!

One lesser visited destination is Surabaya, and what this town may lack in a conventional tourist scene it more than makes up for in its day trip options! All you have to do is pick the best room to stay in during your visit, such as Hotel Mercure Surabaya as one great option, and off you go!

But what can you see while exploring the region?  The following are some of the most popular, and with a central hub in Surabaya you can make the most of your stay without requiring too many extra days!

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Trowulan is an archaeological site that was once the central city of the Majapahit Empire (up to the late 1400s).

This site contains many Hindu-Buddhist statues and artifacts, an impressive museum, bathing pools for rituals, and so much more.

Although other archaeological sites in South East Asia may be more popular, for visitors to Indonesia looking to get outside the beaten path, this one is a must see.


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The city of Malang is a popular day trip option from Surabaya thanks to its gorgeous beaches (slightly outside the city), large botanical gardens and waterfall, as well as gorgeous Hindu temples dating from the 1300s.

Like Surabaya, Malang has a long and rich history that is best explored through visiting local temples and eating your way around the many restaurants and markets full of authentic and fresh Indonesian food. 

While there, be on the lookout for Bakso Bakar (meatbals and soup), Cwie Mie Malang (wonton noodles), Soto Lombok (chicken rice soup), and many, many more local specialties.

Mount Bromo

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In what is perhaps one of the most iconic sights in all of Indonesia, Mount Bromo is one of the most visited natural attractions featured in this list- although is one that will require a two-day journey for visitors from Surabaya.

This volcano has had eruptions as recently as 2011 and is often seen with smoke rising out of one of the numerous craters that are present. 

As such, it is the perfect spot for those hikers with a bit of an adventurous spirit looking for a vista unlike any other!

No matter what destinations you choose to visit in Indonesia, one thing is true, you're going to be planing for a lot of day trips. Picking an appropriate town right in the middle of it all, like Surabaya, may end up making all the difference during your visit. 

For those who do not have a lot of time, this on decision may make all the difference.

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