My Final Adventure in South America – El Cristo Redentor in Rio

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As much as I love South America, the eastern side of this continent has left me beaten and exhausted. After completing a scary journey through Venezuela, a difficult and uncomfortable journey through the Guianas, and a ridiculously expensive journey in Brazil, I was eager to leave this continent.

I just flew out of French Guiana and landed in Belem, Brazil. Problems continued to haunt me in this region despite thinking I had already escaped. I needed to print my ticket to see Cristo Redentor at Rio de Janeiro but everything was closed due to a public holiday!

Cristo Redentor (Christ the Redeemer) in Rio

Christ the Redeemer / Cristo Redentor

To make it worse, I had already booked my flight out of Brazil and I’m short on time to find a printer. After exploring Belem (which is a decent city to explore for one day), I finally found some friendly Germans and Brazilians who assisted me in finding a place that will print my documents. One tourist office was kind enough to print my documents and I was off to the next segment of my escape!

I flew to Rio de Janeiro where I would be flying out of this difficult but memorable continent. But, before I leave Brazil, I had one final adventure left. Because I am on the mission to see all Seven New Wonders of the World (there’s actually 8), and there was no way I am leaving South America without seeing Cristo.

With five hours to spare before my flight, I quickly had my belongings stored at a storage locker in the airport. Then, I found the cheapest taxi company (I used Aerotaxi which was 50% cheaper than the other taxis with my fare costing 59 Reals) I could find in the airport that would take me to see El Cristo Redentor.

Once I arrived at the Trem do Corcovado, the station where the train would take you to where Cristo Redactor is, I quickly presented my printed out paper voucher to the ticketing lady and she gave me a ticket for the train and the statue.

Christ the Redeemer

I boarded the train (sit on the left hand side so you can see a better view) and up I went to the mountain where the famous statue is located. The journey to the top is quite scenic and enjoyable.

With my adrenaline pumping because my flight is coming closer, I quickly run to the top of the hill as soon as the train arrived. There…stood the famous Cristo Redentor, overlooking the beautiful city of Rio de Janeiro. I was lucky because it wasn’t cloudy and got quite a few clear pictures of the statue as well as the Rio beach front.

Another 7 Wonder of the World down and one more to go (the Colosseum in Rome).

Christ the Redeemer

After I was satisfied with all the pictures I took, I ran for the train. From there, I bargained with the taxi drivers as fast as I could until I found one that took me to the airport for 56 Reals.

With 2 hours left, I made it to the airport where I checked in my bags and soon after boarded the plane.

Once in the plane, I finally relaxed completely knowing that I’m going to a continent where the chance of someone pulling a gun out to try and rob me is extremely rare.

Goodbye South America and hello Europe!

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  1. I really enjoyed the pictures in this post! Brazil looks so colourful and so fun. I hope you enjoy the rest of your time there and can’t wait to see more of your adventures.. ✈✈

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