5 Unique Facts about Heathrow Airport

Millions of people pass through Heathrow airport every year and almost nobody gives a second thought to the airport itself. Why would we? Jetting off on holiday or on some travel adventure is far too exciting for airport trivia or sentimentality. The truth is that Heathrow is a unique place steeped in history and full of interesting facts just like most every other sight in the city. So next time you’re waiting at the departure gate roll out these facts and impress anyone who’ll listen.

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What to See in Barcelona – The Top 3 Walking Streets

The historical city of Barcelona has numerous attractions, festivals, and sites worth visiting.  But even with all the action packed site seeing the city has to offer, doing nothing is also a perfectly enjoyable experience for all who visit, as sometimes taking in attractions can just be a bit overwhelming day after day.

Luckily for visitors to Barcelona, there are a number of amazing walking streets within close distance to the many apartments in Barcelona. When a leisurely afternoon calls, you will never be too far away from these great public areas to have a quick stroll and take in the scenery!

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