How We Got a $17,900 Maldives Vacation for Just $6,500

When you close your eyes and think of the Maldives, odds are good you're picturing overwater bungalows, crystal clear waters, white-sand beaches, and, if you've ever researched the destination, a big bill at the end.

We're getting into a trend of going to remote island destinations with points as we've found we can get a pretty good trip value and minimizing our spending. The Maldives was (mostly) no different.

So, what did it cost us? Our total Maldives spending was 665,000 Hilton points, 170,000 United points, and just about $6,500. This got us 14 nights in the Maldives including two resorts, one local island, and one overnight in Male at the end before an early morning flight.

In this one, we want to break down that spending a bit more.

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Discovering What it Means to be Human by Nature in Kerala, India

When you visit a destination, what memories do you walk away with? Are they about the landscape? The food? The people? Or a combination of it all?

During our visit to Kerala in southern India, it was most certainly a mix of everything. But in thinking about it, the human element that tied everything together was a prominent feature in every destination we visited.

When Kerala Tourism reached out and asked if we wanted to be a part of their Human by Nature campaign, to share our experiences with the human side of visiting Kerala’s natural wonders, we were in. In thinking back on it, the human element was truly a big part of our trip to the state!

In this one, we wanted to share how the Human by Nature theme played a big part in a few of the destinations we visited.

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20 of the Best Korean Food and Drinks You Must Try

Korean food culture is seriously no joke. You may know about kimchi, barbecue, and bibimbap, but this country's cuisine is as varied as it is vast.

During our visit to the country, we made it our mission to try a new item in almost every meal- and accomplishing this goal was quite easy. We are not exaggerating when we say you could eat out for two weeks without having the same thing twice other than banchan (included sides). We cannot make that claim in many countries!

To help you get an idea of what you should try when visiting this delicious country, this guide was born.

This one is set up to discuss the dishes themselves, but at the end of each section we give one or two restaurant recommendations where you can find a stellar iteration!

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Millennium Hilton Seoul Review – A Business Hotel in Korea

During our South Korea trip, we decided to splurge on a couple of nights at the high-end Millennium Hilton Seoul with points.

Thanks in part to our diamond status with the hotel chain, we ended up getting a rather nice room on a high floor which was quite comfortable and had a stunning view. 

But while the room and property itself was every bit of what we expect of a Hilton chain, we have to say, this one is perhaps not the best for tourists- it feels like a business traveler hotel more than anything!

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