Travel to Bethlehem from Jerusalem and What to See

When you arrive in Israel, one of the questions you will be asked at customs is “will you be visiting any Palestinian territories?” Your obvious answer would have to be “no”, if you plan on visiting Bethlehem.

Why would you even want to go to Bethlehem? Whether you are religious or not, you probably have heard of Jesus Christ at some point in your life. Regardless of your beliefs, you have to admit he definitely has one of the biggest religious significance in the world.

According to many historical sources, the Church of Nativity is the exact birthplace of Jesus Christ. It is also a popular pilgrimage spot for many tourists across the globe. Many individuals would follow the exact journey that Mary and Joseph took from Damascus gate in Old Jerusalem, all the way to the Church of Nativity.

So how do you reach this world famous UNESCO site if the Israeli government doesn’t want you entering Palestinian territory?

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How to Get One Month of Free Hotel Stays Using Points

Besides food, accommodations will be one of the biggest expenses you will incur during your round the world trip.

That’s where hotel points come in. By building yourself a hefty reservoir of hotel points, you will be able to shave off about a month’s worth of accommodation expenses via free hotel stays.

So how does one accumulate a bunch of hotel points? By signing up for all the hotel credit cards you can get your hands on!

While saving up for my own one year journey, I have accumulated the following amount of hotel points:

  • 79,500 Starwood Hotel Points – 26 free nights on a category 1 Starwood property
  • 66,400 Marriott Hotel Points – 8 free nights on a category 2 Marriott property
  • 50,000 IHG Points – 5 free nights (I will not be using these points during my trip)

So how exactly did I do it?

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