What Happens if You Use a Full Frame Lens on a Crop Sensor?

There is a lot of confusion on the performance difference between lenses if used on a specific camera body, especially with regards to using full frame lenses on crop sensor cameras (like the Sony a6000, my camera, which uses a “crop” APS-C sensor).

Cameras like mine take lenses designed for crop sensors (naturally), but also take lenses that are rated for full frame cameras (like the Sony a7iii).

The confusion comes in to play in what kind of image these two lenses will produce at comparable focal lengths, as the discussion of camera “crop factors” is often used interchangebly with lenses as much as they are for sensors. Even I have to admit being messed up on it for quite some time (hence this post).

If comparing a full frame rated lens with a crop sensor lens on the same crop sensor camera body, the main difference is this: nothing.

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7 Places to Visit in Japan with Kids On Your Trip

The following is a guest post by Gadsventure.

We first travelled to Japan when we were fresh faced young backpackers, newly-weds with the whole world at our feet. My husband and I arrived full of anticipation and wonder about this exciting destination and it did not disappoint! Fast forward 12 years and our pace of travel has changed somewhat with four kids in tow!

After that first trip, Japan had always held a special place in our hearts and we waited for an opportunity to take our family back. We knew that it would be a hugely different trip compared to the days where we were carefree, but we were also sure that we would be able to find so many cool places to visit in Japan with kids.

The culture, the food, the atmosphere, the high safety rating, the friendly people, the ease of travel, the beautiful scenery, and the contrast of ancient tradition with futuristic technology makes Japan one of our absolute favourites for family travel.

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How to Book an Around the World Ticket – AirTreks Review

AirTreks is an interesting service that specializes in booking around the world tickets and obscure flights.

On the surface, this seems to be quite the niche service, which is true, but for those who are in need of an elaborate plane flight these sort of services are few and far between- and few have the reputation that comes with AirTreks' 30+ years of experience.

So if you are looking to book an around the world plane ticket for your next journey (or simply have an obscure route you want to save money on), give this one a try!

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Financial Independence Retire Early? I’m Fine With Digital Freedom

I've been on a quest for digital independence for almost five years now, and only recently achieved my goal thanks in part to paying off my debts in a debt avalanche.

It all started when Angie and I were walking on a beach in Mauritius on our long-term trip that I said we should have a five year goal for digital independence.

The idea at the time was that we'd build up our websites to the point that we could sustain them as a full-time business. And while I was able to do that for myself in the time-frame, we're still on our way to working to that point for her.

Since that fateful conversation, the Financial Independence Retire Early (or FIRE) movement has taken off. Although it sounds like our story would be a case study for this philosophy, I really have to say the idea of it is, to put it bluntly, absurd.

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