Spending Breakdown for 24 Days in Bolivia, Peru, and Ecuador

Posted By Kendrick in South America

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Bolivia, Peru and Ecuador were the first three South American countries I visited and I definitely had a great time doing so. I was pleasantly surprised to see it wasn’t terribly expensive to visit these countries, so instead of worrying about money, I got to really enjoy traveling.

Complete 10 days Bolivia Spending Breakdown

South America

Bolivia Hop – 359 BOB($71 CAD or $51.95 USD)
Bolivia Salt Flats one day tour – 208 BOB ($41 CAD or $30 USD)
Hostal Reinar de Salar (2 nights) – 194 BOB ($38.50 CAD or $28 USD)
Tip – 14 BOB ($2.75 CAD or $2 USD)
Hotels in La Paz and Copacabana Lake Titicaca – 708 BOB ($140 CAD)
Laundry – 60 BOB ($12 CAD)
Food and water 445.5 BOB ($89 CAD)
Airport Exit Fee – 11 BOB ($2.20 CAD)
Taxi – 113 BOB ($22.50 CAD)
Flight from LA to Bolivia (connecting in Mexico City and Bogota) – 39 BOB ($7.60 CAD) + 30,000 Aeroplan Miles
Amaszonas Flight – 138 BOB ($27.34 CAD or $20 USD)

Total Bolivia spending: 2,289.50 BOB ($453.89 CAD)

Total Bolivia spending without flight: 2233.03 BOB ($418.95 CAD)

Average daily Bolivia spending: 228.95 BOB ($45.40 CAD)

Average daily Bolivia spending without flight: 211.25 BOB ($41.90 CAD)

Total points and miles spent: 30,000 Aeroplan Miles

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South America

Thanks to my youngest sister, Eunice, the cost of my trip through Bolivia became cheaper. My youngest sister did quite well in her own online business, and decided to help us cover our roundtrip flight between La Paz and Uyuni. She also covered our hotel accommodation in La Paz and Lake Titicaca, by charging us a hostel rate for a hotel because she wanted a nicer accommodation.

This made our trip through Bolivia more relaxing.

Complete 5 days Peru Spending Breakdown:

South America

Peru Rail to Machu Picchu – 598.69 Soles ($248.75 CAD or $182 USD)
Machu Picchu Tickets – 152 Soles ($63.15 CAD)
Rainbow Mountain Partial refunded ticket price – 17.50 Soles ($7.27 CAD)
Round trip bus from Aguas Calientes to Machu Picchu – 81.32 Soles ($33.79 CAD or $24.72 USD)
Massage – 46.29 Soles ($19.23 CAD)
Hotel – 65.69 Soles ($27.33 CAD or $20 USD)
Food – 136.34 Soles ($56.65 CAD)
Taxi – 7 Soles ($2.91 CAD)

Total Peru spending: 1,104.83 Soles (459.08 CAD)

Total Peru spending without flight: 1,104.83 Soles (459.08 CAD)

Average Peru spending: 220.97 Soles ($91.82 CAD)

Average Peru spending without flight: 220.97 Soles ($91.82 CAD)

Peru was more pricy compared to Bolivia, mainly because of Machu Picchu. Taking the train and paying the entrance fee was not cheap, however, I have no regrets because I have wanted to see Machu Picchu since I was a child, and I am glad I finally did.

Complete 9 days Ecuador Spending Breakdown:

Flight from Cusco to Quito for Karen and myself – $88 USD ($120.28 CAD) + 24,000 Avios Miles
Taxi – $32.25 USD ($44.08 CAD)
Food and water – $62.55 USD ($85.50 CAD)
Tip for tour guides – $80 USD ($109.35 CAD)
Tip for hotels and taxi drivers – $4.50 USD ($6.15 CAD)
Musician tip – $2 USD ($2.73 CAD)
Bus from Quito to Tulcan – $6.30 USD ($8.61 CAD)
Zipline – $20 USD ($27.34 CAD)

Total Ecuador spending: $295.60 USD ($404.04 CAD)

Total Ecuador spending without flight: $207.6 USD ($283.76 CAD)

Average daily Ecuador spending: $32.84 USD ($44.89 CAD)

Average daily Ecuador spending without flight: $23.07 USD ($31.53 CAD)

Total points and miles spent: 24,000 Avios Miles

Because I took a sponsored tour by Ecuador Purelife, my spending in this country has been greatly reduced. I still had to pay for tips and food but overall, it definitely dropped the price of traveling through Ecuador.

Bolivia, Peru, and Ecuador are amazing South American countries and I will definitely return in the future!

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