5 Hidden Gems in Europe You Haven’t Heard Of (But Should Visit)

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Are you planning a trip to somewhere in Europe? While the likes of Paris, Venice, and Berlin are always the top picks for a memorable trip, have you considered visiting one of the lesser-known destinations? If you’re looking for a possibly quieter holiday, take a look at our 5 European destinations that you probably haven’t heard of.

Gdansk, Poland

Photo credit: FreeImages.com/Greg Gorczynski

Despite it being a fundamental part of modern history with the first shots of the Second World War being fired here, and the fact it is the birthplace of the Solidarnosc movement, very few people know of this place – and even fewer visit.

Gdansk has a unique feel that set itself apart from other cities within Poland. The streets are lined with distinctive architecture, influenced by wealthy merchants who shaped the city. The cobbled streets, red brick churches, cafes, shops and many intriguing museums have created an atmosphere to be enjoyed by many. It also has great transport links and is one of ideal launch pads for the Polish Baltic coast and other inland attractions.


Brighton Pier
Photo credit: FreeImages.com/Simon Stratford

You’ll find yourself constantly entertained in this eccentric city. Often overlooked this seaside city is only a 60-minute train journey from London. It’s most famous for its little side streets lined with boutiques that are ideal for shopping or just browsing.

When visiting Brighton, you must go to North Laine to soak up that offbeat vibe that it has. Getting around is simple in this city, and it can be explored by foot or public transport: discover attractions such as the Brighton Pier the Royal Pavilion and the British Airways i360. Take a walk across the boardwalk, find a lovely spot for dinner by the sea or grab a bag of fish and chips – it will be lovely to stroll across the beach and just enjoy the sunshine.

Brno, Czech Republic

Photo credit: FreeImages.com/Jan Zabroda

The second city of the Czech Republic is ideal for party animals with its large student community that keeps the nightlife going. It isn’t all about partying here though: Brno is full of medieval buildings, so much so that it resembles its neighbour, Prague. Even though the two cities have some close similarities, Brno is a lot cheaper.

Most of the main attractions are located within and around Freedom Square, such as Špilberk Castle – the former home to the Royals and the Holy Roman Emperor.

Antwerp, Belgium

Ever heard of Antwerp? Of course, but not many think immediately of it as a destination hot spot. But Belgium’s second city is great for shopping, and it’s easily accessible by foot – making it perfect for strolling around at leisure and enjoying the sights. In the 16th century it was one of Europe’s most important cities and was home to the famous painter, Peter Paul Rubens. You will be regularly reminded about Rubens as his artwork can be admired in many places across the city.

Antwerp remains a vibrant fashion city that is full of entertainment and breath-taking architecture. There’s plenty of medieval history, café filled cobbled streets, a cathedral and a riverside fortress for you to enjoy as well.

Cinque Terre, Italy

Cinque Terre
Photo credit: FreeImages.com/Fabrizio Turco

Cinque Terre is known for its beauty and steep landscape overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, and it has some of the most dramatic coastal scenes and one of the best fishing villages that you will ever come across. With only a few shops, a handful of restaurants and the old hotel, it is very small – with only just about enough space for its own inhabitants. So if you are planning a trip here, book it well in advance. Most people tend to visit Cinque Terre by train, with numerous services to all the villages. It is a truly glorious, sun-soaked and very charming place to visit.

It was recognised in 1997 by the UNESCO World Heritage and is today a national park and a protected marine area that aims to protect the area’s cultural heritage and natural environment.

If any of these sound like your next ideal get away, then book a holiday online and get packing your suitcase.

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