Nest Cam Review – Looking Outside to Record Our View

Nest Cam Setup for Outside

As many readers of this website know, we operate a sister blog, Discover the Burgh, focusing on being a travel guide to Pittsburgh, PA.  If you've been here before, you also know that we have an incredible view from our house that we frequently share.

Ever since coming up with the concept for our local blog, I've dreamed about having a webcam on our deck pointing at the skyline for anyone to see at any time of the day- be it for sunrises, sunsets, fireworks, or to just check real-time weather.

I'll save the long rant about my webcam research for somewhere else, and summarize it by saying that getting a high resolution, weather-proof webcam with live-streaming capabilities was next to impossible on my budget.  Most either had poor reviews, were too expensive to buy, or too complicated to deal with when it came to integrating it with my website.

I almost gave up hope in finding something that would work, but found the highly rated Nest Cam, a webcam designed for indoor use only, and took a risk on its potential.  In this one instance, I'm really glad I took the chance.

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Desk Bike Review – My Secret to Staying Fit While Working at a Desk

It shouldn't be a surprise to most here that I work- a lot.  Between my day job, blogging on lunch, and even more blogging on night and weekends I tend to sit in front of a computer for, well, at least 12 hours a day during the week and about four or five hours a day on weekends.

Needless to say, that doesn't leave a lot of time for working out.

When I traveled full-time this wasn't a problem.  I was out walking most of the time (not blogging) and continually walking five to 15 miles per day made sure that I dropped anywhere from 10-15 pounds on each long-term trip (and that was with drinking and eating whatever I wanted).   As soon as I got home from both trips that weight came back on, and in being so exhausted from working so much I never really got into the habit of working out.

That is, until I bought a desk cycle.

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How to Book a Trip to Antarctica Without Going Insane

The process to book a trip to Antarctica can be insanely frustrating.

I don't mean physically getting myself to the continent, though getting across the Drake is a challenge in itself. The very act of figuring out how to book it as a backpacker was the most stressful aspect of this trip. I started off researching my options online and was quickly in over my head.

Previous backpackers openly mocked those who spent thousands and thousands to get to Antarctica when they simply showed up in Ushuaia, booked a last minute sailing at drop bottom prices, and set sail the next day.

The problem with these blogs and forums was that they all seemed to have sailed five or more years ago. More up-to-date information was confusing, with some travelers to Argentina’s southernmost city reporting no last minute deals to be found any more or ones that didn't vary greatly in cost in what was offered online.

I went back and forth over which way to go about this for weeks.

It was the most frustrating part of my trip planning and I obsessed over it. In the end, I decided to book my trip more than a year in advance for a number of reasons: I like having a plan, I wanted to SUP (stand-up paddleboard- one of the newest things to do in Antarctica) and only one ship offered it, and I wanted to be on a reliable ship.

So how did it work out?


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Camping in Antarctica is One Excursion You Must Do When Visiting

The idea that I had signed up for camping in Antarctica in a tent was apparently an amusing one to anyone who knows me. I hate being cold more than just about anything, so the fact that I was paying to experience being cold for an entire night was laughable.

The idea to experience this once in a lifetime offer was simply too tempting to resist, and besides, how often do you get to travel to Antarctica?

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