Wadi Rum – Defying Death in the Raqabat Canyon

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When I was arranging for an authentic Bedouin experience with Bedouin Guides, I knew I wanted a Jeep tour through the desert, a traditional Bedouin meal cooked underground, along with a night spent at their camps. While researching on other activities that were offered in Wadi Rum, I came across a hiking trail that looked like it may have been featured in the popular travel show “Departures”, so I quickly signed our group up for the hike as well since it looked fun

What I thought was going to be your standard uphill, scenic hike turned out to be more of a hike of a lifetime.

Hiking in Wadi Rum, Jordan

Wadi Rum, Jordan

Our adventure began with our guide leading us to the foot of the canyon, where our hike is to begin. There, he proceeded to hand out bottles of water, and a small snack for us to eat during one of our many breaks. Since we could not see any clearly marked trail head, we asked our guide where we began, and he pointed at a random face of the mountain.
Turns out the path is not marked, but rather, our guide knew the mountains so well he just “knew” the path through the mountains, and simply picked one most suited to our fitness levels.

As we climbed over rock after rock, the mountains became so steep we could no longer walk upright, and had to resort to “scrambling”, a climbing technique where both the hands and feet are utilized. I felt like spider man, as I traversed through the mountain using my entire body.

An Incredible Amount of Effort

Wadi Rum, Jordan

My lungs were burning, and the blisters on my feet ached, as we scrambled our way around dangerous cliffsides, and slid our way through the narrow crevices of Raqabat Canyon. Luckily with the help of our guide, we did not slip off the canyon to our demise, and managed to reach the other side of the mountains with only a few minor scrapes.

We finished our hike by climbing up a sand dune to get a panoramic view of the famous desert. There, our Wadi Rum adventure continued with an amazing Jeep tour of the desert, we enjoyed a delicious lunch prepared by our guide, before finally arriving at the Bedouin camp where we watched the sunset and enjoyed yet another delicious traditional Bedouin meal.

Wadi Rum, Jordan

Wadi Rum is truly an unforgettable place, and has been the highlight of my trip to Jordan.

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