20 of Our Top Travel Blog Posts in 10 Years of Travel Writing

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Hey there! Are you looking for some awesome travel tips, advice, destination, and lifestyle design content? We know that navigating our nearly 500 posts on Living the Dream can be difficult at times.

To help with this, we wanted to count down our current Top 20 most shared posts in 10+ years of blogging to help you find some articles we think you'll thoroughly enjoy!

So let's get right to it with #20…

#20 – The Top 3 Walking Streets of Barcelona


Barcelona is full of many amazing walking streets perfect for shopping, people watching, or just enjoying the day away. In this one we shared the top three!

#19 – Tips for Driving in Tuscany

Smart car in Italy

I'll be honest in saying that driving in Tuscany is a pain. Out of all of the places we've rented a car around the world, driving here was quite possibly the worst experience we had. But, on the other hand, Tuscany is gorgeous and the pains are absolutely worth it (in retrospect, at least).

#18 – Ranking The 21 Chocolate Bars We Ate in Ecuador

Ecuadorian chocolate

Angie is an incredible chocolate addict, and during our travels in Ecuador, she made it her mission to try as much Ecuadorian chocolate as she could. This amounted to 21 bars in just under a month, and we ended up spending about $100 to send a care package home, too. In this one, we rank them from best to worst.

#17 – Bringing a Dog Into the USA

Adopting a Dog in Mexico

After adopting a dog in Mexico and bringing her back to the USA, we wrote a guide to the steps we followed. Little did we know it would end up being one of our most popular posts! Good on you dog adopters.

#16 – Fixing a Hole in Our Backpack

Hole in my Backpack

About three week in to our long-term trip I had a catastrophic hole emerge in my backpack. As I wanted this bag to last another 14 or so months I did a pretty extreme process to ensure it would hold up. It did, and this guide was born.

#15 – How to Travel Overland from Hong Kong to Hanoi

Hong Kong Skyline

When I was in Hong Kong I wanted to travel onward to Hanoi but couldn't find any good options online for overland travel. After pulling together an itinerary that cut hours off the most popular route I published it in this guide. But yes, you'll have to travel overland via China to do it!

#14 – Food on the Everest Base Camp Trek

Food at Everest

The food lovers in us always wonder what the cuisine is like in destinations we visit around the world, and one that is hardly talked about is the food on the Everest Base Camp trek. Don't worry, you won't go hungry here- the food at the lodges is pretty good!

#13 – Gear on the Everest Base Camp Trek


Our packing list for Everest Base Camp trekking is a second Nepal-oriented post that is incredibly popular on Living the Dream, and with good reason- we give our honest feedback on whether or not the gear we took was worth it. We over-packed like crazy, and think that you may be able to save some precious room in your bag depending on when you visit!

#12 – The Must Sees of Koh Phi Phi

Maya Bay

The island of Koh Phi Phi, Thailand, holds a special place in our hearts as it is the island where Angie and I got engaged way back in 2011. But not only that, we dominated the island and tried to enjoy everything it offered during our stay. These are what we think are the very best.

#11 – The FAQ About the Everest Base Camp Trek

Everest Base Camp

Tackling the Everest Base Camp trek was quite possibly the best travel experience we've ever done. But for two out of shape travelers with no trekking experience between them, we certainly learned a lot. To help out other trekkers, we put together this handy F.A.Q. guide.

#10 – How Much is a Two Week Honeymoon in Spain?

travel in Spain

We went all out on our two-week honeymoon in Spain, and we lived the life of luxury for what we would normally spend on a regular vacation elsewhere! We broke it all down in this one for those looking to do the same!

#9 – Did Our Waterproof KEEN Shoes Survive a 15 Month Trip?

KEEN Shoes

We took our waterproof KEEN shoes on a 15 month trip around the world, and in this one we shared how they survived at the very end of it all (hint: surprisingly well)!

#8 – Tips for Naming Your Travel Blog

Travel blogg names

We have a number of how-to posts when it comes to travel writing, and our most popular is none other than picking out the best blog name. Considering how bad some blog names are, we'll take that.

#7 – Buying Tickets on the Spanish Train Service RENFE

Madrid, Spain

When we visited Spain we had only one real headache, and that was booking tickets in advance on the train service RENFE. In this one we share the best tips for booking train tickets on RENFE to help out the many frustrated travelers like us!

#6 – How To Make Your Own DIY Travel Push-Pin Map

DIY Travel Map

Have you ever wanted to buy a pinnable travel map but were turned off by the high prices? We built one at home for just about $50 and put together how to do it in this DIY guide!

#5 – Vegas Sight Seeing Do's and Don'ts

The Las Vegas Strip at Night

There are a lot of Las Vegas tips and advice articles out there, so when putting ours together after several visits we tried to take a somewhat different approach.

#4 – Top 10 Things to See in Mauritius

Chamarel Waterfall in Mauritius

There are plenty of incredible things to see in Mauritius, and we put together this awesome guide of ten of the very best. This is one island we need to get back to very, very soon.

#3 – How to Visit Easter Island on a Budget

Visiting Easter Island on a Budget

Visiting Easter Island was also one of those travel experiences that is considered to be a once-in-a-lifetime activity. Sadly, most people skip this one because they think it is well out of their price range. We put together this guide to help prove you can do it on even the most frugal budget (although we most certainly did not).

#2 – Fixing a Stuck Handle in Our Luggage

Fixing Suitcase Handle

I'm one to keep reusing my travel gear until it falls apart, and as far as my backpack was concerned, it did just that on our 15-month trip around the world. Still, I figured out a few handy tips for getting the bag to last through the journey, such as fixing a stuck handle!

#1 – How We Got a Refund on a Non-Refundable Plane Ticket

Refund on a non-refundable ticket

We were about to go to Egypt when the revolution happen and decided to change our plans. Unfortunately, getting a refund on a non-refundable ticket was harder than it sounds despite an active travel warning in place. Ultimately we did, and this one became one of our most visited articles through the sheer number of people in there in the same exact scenario.

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    My travels led me to Hawaii, Alaska, Germany, Paris, Mexico, Poland, and more! I rode in small planes, over Glaciers; Helicopters over mountains and deep valleys, in Hawaii, and aTrain to the top end of Canada! I walked the entire length of the Champs-Elysees, went up the Eiffel Tower; climbed steps in Mexico at the Valley of The Sun and the Moon; went to the top of The Empire State Building;. to the top of a the Washington Monument, in D.C., toured Gettysburg; walked the Wall surrounding the City of Dubrovnic, in Poland. I have been blessed yet I wish to let my mind travel to all the beautiful parts of the world, that I won’t be able to see, in person. Thank you!

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