Blogger vs WordPress – Tips for Starting Your Blog

Blogger Homepage

Deciding to start a travel blog for your long-term trip is a big one. Whether you blog to keep friends and family updated, or open a site to run professionally, blogging your journey adds a new assortment of topics you must plan for in addition to your every day travels.

Our “Blog Your Trip” series is designed to help answer these questions and give you travel blogging ideas as well as the tools to run a successful blog through giving away all of our own secrets!  

But before we get to that, we have to start at the beginning. To start, we have to ask one of the first questions you may find yourself facing: where are you going to blog? And the answer goes a bit deeper than simply asking Blogger vs WordPress.

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Warung Indonesia – A Favorite Restaurant in Bali

Morgans Go Travelling at Warung Indonesia in Bali

While in Bali we visited many eateries but Warung Indonesia became a firm favourite and one that we wished we could go back to once we had moved to different parts of the Island.

Warung in Indonesian means little shop.  Many locals put Warung at the front of their restaurant names and that way you know they are local.  Warung Indonesia is located off Poppies 2 in Jalan Benesari close to Legian Street.  As we stayed on Legian Street while in Legian it was only a five-minute walk from our hotel.

The restaurant has an array of local dishes on offer and also has a buffet style offering.  This seemed to very popular with locals as well as tourists, however we did not get around to trying this but everyone seemed to be enjoying their choices.

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Picking the Right Travel Blog Name is the Hardest Part

Travel Blog Names

What is in a name?  Well, if you are talking about the name of a blog, probably a lot.

The problem with a blog name is that it is the first piece of information a potential reader sees on your site. There is no single element that is more reflective of your travel blog idea than a name, and any connotations that arise from that name will stick with potential readers for a very long time- and may even influence whether they open your page at all!

If your name talks about you being broke, you're probably not going to attract luxury travelers or sponsors. If you brand yourself as a party addict, those who don't party may not open up your page.

This trend can extend to any name or theme, so being careful with your choice before registering a domain is very important!

So what can you do to come up with a great name and niche for your new travel blog? Today we cover a few of our best tips to consider on this important topic.

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Twitter Chat – The Best Travel Chat Hashtags

Travel Twitter Chats

Travel Twitter ChatsDo you ever log on Twitter only to discover that you missed yet another weekly Twitter chat?  I know this happens to me constantly.  To help you plan your social media work each week, we're compiling the ultimate list of Twitter travel chats that you may be interested in participating in.

As this list is continually updated, check back to see what new tags we uncover each week!

When available, the hash-tag of each chat is linked to a resource page or social media account with more information.  Please check prior to planning to attend a chat as times and topics may change.  All times are presented in Eastern Time or GMT.

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