Pillow Menu – When Travel Literally Saves Our Necks

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Pillow Menu at the Conrad Indianapolis
After traveling around the world for fifteen months, you can imagine that we’ve slept in a lot of beds.  Moving around from city to city was easy for us, but getting used to bad beds and even worse pillows was something we never quite got the hang of.

You may think that having a poor night’s sleep due to a bad bed was limited to hostels, but that was not the case. Many large hotels were also guilty of purchasing low-quality products such that we often wondered why anyone would pay so much money for a bad room.

But when we did make it to nice hotels, there was one thing we always hoped to try out. Unfortunately, none of the resorts we stayed at on our long-term trip had it.  It wasn’t until we went on a 3-day visit to Indianapolis with Visit Indy that we finally held our sought after pillow menu in our hands.  After making our first order, we knew there was no going back.

What is a Pillow Menu?

Anytime we told someone we wanted to stay at a hotel with a pillow menu, we always got a laugh.  Between the hilarity of the name itself and the incredulity of knowing that it is a real thing, it always took some convincing on our part to show that we were being serious.

As the name suggests, a pillow menu is an à la carte menu of different luxury pillows designed to cover the range of sleeping styles most guests would come across.

Since we’ve seen some pretty bad pillows, and also had no idea what kind of pillow we actually enjoy for our sleeping style, we always had this wild fantasy of getting a pillow menu, ordering everything off of it, and having a test.

At the Conrad Indianapolis, we did just that.

Ordering the Entire Pillow Menu

Our Pillows All Lined Up

The pillow menu at the Conrad Indianapolis is not as extensive as others we’ve seen online, but with five unique pillows, we figured we would have a bit of a challenge when ordering them all.  The pillows on the menu were:

  1. Fiber Foam Pillow – A “foam core wrapped in polyester fiber” and made to have “extra firm support.”
  2. Tri Care Gentle Support Pillow – A “fiber-filled support pillow” designed to “cradle your neck.”
  3. Pillow-pedic 4 Way Comfort – A unique design to “create four distinctive styles in one.”
  4. L Pillow – A “specially designed” pillow to “conform to the shape of your body.”
  5. Water Pillow – A pillow that “allows for choice of water volume for soft, medium, or firmer support.”

We called the front desk, said a little prayer, and to our surprise our request to try all five was approved and they were on their way.

The hilarity of this wasn’t realized until one of the staff came up with a rolling cart full of pillows, and began unloading them all into our room.  I asked if it was the most unusual order they’ve ever had and they replied, “no, sometimes guests order two of each.”

Okay, so it turns out our request for one of each wasn’t so random after all.  If only I would have known I could have ordered double.

With nine pillows to choose from (five from the menu plus the four on the bed), we got to work.

Our Favorites From the Pillow Menu

A bed pull of pillows from the pillow menu.

Upon reading the pillow menu, we knew that it was going to be a fight for the water pillow.  It sounds so wrong, but we knew that it was going to be something interesting worth trying.

As it turns out, we didn’t have to fight that much, because Angie immediately went for the Tri Care Gentle Support Pillow.  This pillow was made for side-sleepers like her as the central core is practically non-existent, allowing for more space to cradle her head and provide support for the neck and sides.

Unfortunately, I am pickier when it comes to my pillows as I cannot sleep in the same position over night to save my life (where Angie has no problem with this).  I may start sleeping on my side, roll on to my back, go back to my side, and repeat the process over and over again until I find what works best.  As you can imagine, finding a pillow that is good for all of this is almost impossible.  That is, until I tested out the Water Pillow.

This particular pillow is essentially a miniature waterbed for your head.  The reason I fell in love with this pillow is that because no matter what position I was in, the water displaced to just the right proportions to keep my neck inline and comfortable.  Add in the fact that you can change the firmness by altering the water level itself, and you have a pretty nice design for someone picky like me!

Our third choice of pillows was the L Pillow, purely because it is so large and easy to roll onto.  If we had our way we would have ordered three and put one on each side of us, plus one in the middle to make a little cocoon of pillows, but we didn’t want to be those people.

After ordering from the pillow menu we realized that we stumbled upon something great and hope we’ll get to try out more at another resort sometime in the future.  But for now, all we can say is that we are pleased to finally know what kind of pillows we love, and will be making an upgrade for our home soon.

Who knew that traveling could, quite literally, save our necks?

We’d like to thank Visit Indy for inviting us out to Indianapolis, and Conrad Indianapolis for giving us a chance to try out a pillow menu during our stay.   As always, all opinions are our own.

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