Swimming With Great White Sharks – Would You Do It? We Did!

Posted By Jeremy in Africa

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Great White going after the bait.One of the bucket list items I never thought we’d be checking off on this trip was cage diving with Great White Sharks in South Africa.  Since we had no idea we were even visiting the continent until just a month prior when we announced our visit in our Mystery Destination, our booking to get in the water with these gorgeous yet ferocious beasts happened within what seemed like a blink of the eye.

Words sometimes cannot do an experience justice, and our day out with our friends at Viator was just one of those experiences.  So to truly show you what cage diving with Great Whites is like, we’d like to invite you to enjoy our video review of the experience!

We’d like to thank our friends at Viator for taking us out on this epic excursion.  When you head to Cape Town we definitely recommend this one and are looking forward to heading back soon to do it again!

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