Etosha National Park’s Most Amazing Watering Hole

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The only other guests at today's show.Namibia has been one of those countries where we arrived with few expectations and left with more wonderful memories than we even thought possible.  Our reason for traveling to this destination was to climb the famous Dune 45 and see the trees at the Deadvlei clay pan, but one particular watering hole at Etosha National Park in northern Namibia had us raving for the rest of the journey.

Why is that?

Well, if we didn’t know any better it would be easy to think that the 60 minute show we witnessed was a choreographed production for our eyes only.  Just about every major animal from the park made its appearance at the watering hole in turn, and halfway through vanished for no visible reason.  Something was coming, and a large elephant appeared in the distance as it made its way to the watering hole.

The animals slowly returned, and all coexisted in wonderful harmony around one gorgeous spot.

This photo essay shares some of our favorite shots from this encounter.

Etosha National Park, Namibia
A panorama view of our watering hole, complete with front row seats!

A giraffe drinks from the watering hole
All animals coming in to get a drink of water from the watering hole.

Pumba comes in just to make a mess.
Pumba comes in just to roll around in the mud and make a mess.  Figures.

Zebra, Springbok, Giraffes, and more!
The animals quickly begin to leave when they hear something we do not.

A lone elephant comes out to the watering hole.
A lone elephant makes its way out while the others get out of the way.
The elephant just wants a drink.
He just wants a drink like everyone else.

The zebras and other animals slowly return to the watering hole.
The animals slowly return to the watering hole, ever watchful at what the large elephant is about to do.

Elephant taking a bath in a watering hole in Namibia
When they realize it is just bath time, they go back to business as usual at the watering hole.

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  1. Great shots! Which watering hole is this? We are busy planning a 10 day self drive safari and will certainly be visiting Etosha

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    • You know, I’m not sure anymore. We covered a good chunk of the park and it is hard to keep them all straight. Likewise, animals are so random that this one being good for us may not be good an hour later or a week later, etc. Overall, though, I can say that the animal viewing opportunities at Etosha are worth it!

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    • Etosha has been one of my fav travel destinations since I was 10! Whether it’s only a day driving in the park or camping out for the night on one of the hills overlooking a waterhole, the experience is always magical! Thanx for the share

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